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317 CR For Mission Shakti Complex

Bhubaneswar: The State Government has so far sanctioned Rs 317 crore for construction of 6758 Mission Shakti Gruhas in rural and urban areas across the Stater.

The Government is committed to make provision for Mission Shakti Gruhas in all GPs and Urban wards. These houses are constructed at the Gram Panchayat in rural and ward level in urban areas with a budget of Rs 5 lakh per Gruha which includes facilities such as meeting hall, sales counter and toilet & water supply facilities.

Upon completion, such Gruhas are allotted to identified nodal SHGs for management. All SHGs of the locality have access to the Gruha. Around 1000 completed Gruhas are now being used by SHGs for group activities.

This initiative of the State Government is revolutionising women-led collective efforts and acting as a catalyst for socioeconomic empowerment of women across rural & urban areas of the State.

The Mission Shakti Gruha has been a common place for meeting, training & capacity building, retail sale hub for SHG produce and other group activities across Gram Panchayats of the State.