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28CR For Akhandalamani

Bhubaneswar: The State Government has approved Rs 28.04 crore Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) Scheme for re-development of Baba Akhandalamani Temple in Bhadrak district.

Department of Revenue and Disaster Management has recently accorded in-principle approval to the R&R Scheme proposed by the Bhadrak District Administration.

Following the approval of R&R Scheme, the Works Department has accorded Administrative Approval for direct purchase of private land, trust board land and deity land measuring 1.695 acres and rehabilitation & resettlement assistance to 98 families for redevelopment of Baba Akhandalamani Temple Complex.

Department of Works has set certain conditions to purchase the required land.

The PWD has asked the concerned officials to give due diligence while purchasing lands from SC and ST owners while 12 per cent per annum additional market value will be given only from the date of negotiation to the date of purchase only on original bench-mark value of land.

The average sale price of the Kisam of the case land as situated in the nearest village or nearest vicinity, the Department said.

As per the R&R Scheme, out of 98 plots, 54 plots are owned by private individuals while 20 plots belong to Trust Board and remaining 24 plots are in the name of the deity.

While compensation of Rs 26.29 crore will be provided to the affected families, Rs 1.02 crore to be provided as assistance for self-relocation, and Rs 48.99 lakh to be given as maintenance allowance.   

Similarly, Rs 2.04lakh to be provided as assistance for temporary shed and Rs 4,08,268 earmarked for transportation. In total the R&R amount stood at Rs 1,75,56,112.

As part of its 5T initiative, the State Government is redeveloping the famous Shiva Shrine in Bhadrak with a total estimated cost of Rs 42 crore. Last month the Bhumi Pujan for the Holy work was conducted in presence of local public representatives.