Odisha Misses Rasagola

 A controversy over the origin of Rasagola between Odisha and neighboring West Bengal ended today with neighbour winning the race.

While Odisha Government was sleeping over the matter, West Bengal has won the battle for the Geographical Indication or GI tag for Rasagola.

Rasagola has been at the centre of a long-drawn tussle between Odisha and West Bengal for last few years.

Odisha claimed that it was invented in Puri, in the 13th century. According to the State Government, the first avatar of Rasagola  was the Odia sweet ‘Kheer Mohan’.

However West Bengal had gone on record to say that the delicacy was invented in erstwhile Calcutta by confectioner Nabin Chandra Das in 1868.

Things got serious when the West Bengal Government filed a Court petition along with an application for a Geographical Indication (GI) Authority for recognition for the Rasagola in 2015.

However, Odisha Government set up of a Committee to prepare a Detailed Document to prove its  ‘actual’ origin.

The Committee did eventually present ed a 150 page Report to the State Government to support the claim.

God knows where is the Report and as usual it must be gathering dust.

While Bengal’s Chief Minister  Mamata Banerjee has presented the sweet as a cultural ambassador of the state, the Odisha Government in  launched a social media campaign #RasagollaDibasa along with an exhibition to celebrate the sweet and in 2016 celebrated Rosogolla Divas.

What is GI Tag ? The Geographical Indication tag, or GI tag, is an intellectual property identifier for a product.

A GI tag certifies a region as the source of origin of a food product, guaranteeing a certain standard or authenticity.

In India, the Darjeeling Tea and the Hyderabadi Haleem are some of the foods that have been awarded the GI tag. And now, the Rasagolla.

As the authorities provided GI tag to Rasagolla and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was delighted by the news.

"Sweet news for us all. We are very happy and proud that Bengal has been granted GI status for Rosogolla," Ms.Banerjee said, taking to Twitter to express her happiness.

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