Rajdhani Betrayal

When the Governing BJD and Opposition BJP are engaged in fight to take credit over the running of a Rajdhani Express train via Sambalpur, Indian Railways have clearly “disappointed” Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

This was evident from the Chief Minister’s letter to Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal.
"It is disappointing to note that instead of giving Odisha a new train, ECoR is planning to divert an existing Rajdhani Express and run the same via Sambalpur, once a week, starting form 10.02.2018. As this will reduce the service of Rajdhani for the existing route, I would request that this decision may be reviewed and a new Rajdhani Express train may be given to Odisha, thereby restoring the frequency of the diverted train," Mr.Patnaik wrote in the letter.
 While seeking a new Rajdhani train via Sambalpur instead of diverting the existing one, Naveen said Odisha has been a neglected area for the railways since long though it gives the highest revenue to Indian Railways.
Also the passenger growth for Indian Railways is extremely high in Odisha compared to most other states.
"I urge upon you to consider the genuine needs of the people and introduce a new Rajdhani Express train via Sambalpur with stoppages at Dhenkanal and Angul stations," Mr.Patnaik wrote to Mr.Goyal.
The CM thanked Mr.Goyal for agreeing to run a Rajdhani via Sambalpur but said he was expecting introduction of a new one via Sambalpur and not diversion of the existing Rajdhani Express as planned by the East Coast Railways.
The Rajdhani Express, which is to run via Sambalpur, has been notified by the ECoR and the notified route has evoked strong resentment among the people as its stoppages have not been properly planned, the CM.
While the existing Rajdhani Express passes through Bhadrakh and Balasore and stops at the two stations, the Rajdhani Express via Sambalpur will not be stopping at Dhenkanal and Angul.

"This defeats the very purpose and objective of seeking a Rajdhani train to run via Sambalpur as it does not cater to the needs of the people of these parts of the state," Mr.Patnaik said.

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