i3MS Gets Best Seal

Integrated Mines and Mineral Management System ( i3MS)  devised and  implemented by State Government has been acknowledged as a Best Practice of IT intervention in Governance at National level.

Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi said here today, who chaired a high level review meeting here on 12 October and he directed  the Department of Steel & Mines to integrate i3MS with tracking and monitoring of projects taken up under District Mineral Fund. 
According to sources, the Central Coordination cum Empowered Committee of Ministry of Mines recommended all States to adopt i3MS for better mineral administration.
Following that the Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh states developed their systems in line of i3MS of Odisha while Punjab and Bihar are also in contact with Odisha for development of the same. 
i3MS is  designed and developed by leading IT Major, CSM Technologies, based in Odisha.

CSM Technologies provides pioneering IT Consultancies and solutions to various State Governments, Union Government and to several Countries
Principal Secretary Steel & Mines Raj Kumar Sharma gave out details on i3MS.
Director Mines Deepak Mohanty said that Bihar and Punjab Governments have requested State Government for source code of i3MS and agreed  to pay Rs. 50 lakh each towards this. 
Notably, i3MS was started as a flagship project by State Government in 2012 with a five year road map with the main objective of bringing more transparency and effectiveness in mineral administration by eradicating the possibility of illegal mining and unauthorized transport of the minerals.
In the meanwhile, the security audit of the software has been conducted twice and the system has been found fully protected, the sources said.
The mobile phone  application has also been incorporated in the system and 306 mobile phones of the mining while police, forest officials along with members of the State level enforcement squad have been integrated with the system to check illegal transportation of minerals, the sources said.
The system has also been integrated with all the weigh bridges for cross checking of the quantum of mineral being transported, they said.
GPS tracking system of mineral carrying vehicles has also been developed in the software which enables the regulators to monitor end to end mineral transaction i.e. from extraction to end use on a real time basis. 
Odisha is also the first state in the country to introduce GPS tracking of mineral transportation.
At present, the mineral transportation is allowed only through GPS equipped vehicles.
Director Mines Mr.Mohanty informed that more than 40,000 vehicles have already been fixed with the GPS device. 
According to the sources, the budget for entire project of i3MS was estimated around Rs155 Crore to be spent over five years from 2017 to 2021.
Agencies like BSNL, OMC, STPI, ISL, OCAC , SAP , ORSAC, Printlink , 3iinfotech,  Microsoft, HP  and a host of other companies  will be participating in the Five Year Program.
The project was planned on a self sustaining mode with introduction of only one rupee of use fee for one ton of mineral, they said adding considering the present trend of mineral transaction, Rs 35 crore was expected to be collected as user fee each year.
Integration of i3MS with DMF would further enhance the scope of the software. This would provide online dash board monitoring of the District Mineral Fund, list of projects undertaken, the progress of the projects etc.

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