Wolves Behind Sheep Kiling

Finally the wildlife experts have found out that a pack of wolves, hyenas and jackals are behind the killing of sheep in Niali and other two locations in the State. 
A leading Researcher from Wildlife Institute of India(WII), Dehradun today said “There is nothing new in sheep being killed in large-scale by animals like a pack of wolves. There are past instances of sheep-killing elsewhere in the country. Maharashtra had witnessed en-masse killing of sheep by pack of wolves in recent years. In fact, a pack of wolves had killed as many as 101 sheep in a single act of predation. However, sheep-killing in Odisha had grabbed spotlight following intense media coverage”.
WII Scientist Salvador Lyngdoh said that it has been conclusively established that it was the predating act by a pack of wolves in Niali in Cuttack district, which accounted for maximum sheep mortality. “The pug marks and other evidence besides the nature predation all corroborate the animal as wolf”, Mr.Lyngdoh said.
“The sheep-killing reported in Badapapathara under North Ghumsur block of Ganjam district was perpetrated by hyenas. However the en-masse killing of sheep in Kupati village of the said block was either done by hyenas or jackals”, he added.
WWI researchers suggested strengthening of existing enclosures of livestock to save them from attacks by predators like wolves, jackals or hyenas.
“The enclosures need to be well-lit both inside and outside. Besides strong barbed wire fencing would go a long way in ensuring the safety of the livestock from wildlife attack”, they suggested.
The WII experts also called for one-time compensation to the affected sheep farmers.
They also advised the Forest Officials for the monitoring of wild and domestic predators systematically through camera trap evidence.
Besides awareness campaign needs to be launched to generate awareness for long term insurance schemes for livestock.
Forest officials are needed to undertake proper documentation and collection of genetic and epidemiological samples, the Researchers of WII said.
Notably, rumour mongers had gone on overdrive in triggering panic in the region. Unknown fear had gripped the villages as images of mysterious ‘grotesque’ animals devouring sheep had gone viral.
However now situation is under control, officials say,  but fear psychosis among the villagers continues as they are afraid of repeat of such situation in near future.


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