Worldfish Supports Odisha

Worldfish will be supporting Odisha for more fish production and make the State a leading fish producer in the country.

And most importantly this initiative will help nutritional security in Odisha and reduce malnourishment in the State.
Accordingly today Director Fisheries, Bijaya Ketan Upadhyaya held discussion with Prof. John Benzie, the Program Leader (Aquaculture and Genetics) from WorldFish, Penang.
Mr.Upadhyay and Prof.Benzie discussed about the dissemination and take up the multiplication center activities in Odisha under technical collaboration with WorldFish.
It was a fruitful and wonderful session and Team of Directorate of Fisheries held detailed talk and way forward.
In fact fresh water aquaculture contributes about 80 Percent of the inland fish production in Odisha and its per capita fish consumption is 11.23 Kg per year.
This shows a high-level demand of fish in the state. The productivity enhancement being the most priority target reflected in the Odisha Fisheries Policy 2015, so the state needs to go for diversification by introducing high yielding varieties like tilapia.
The local tilapia (Oreochromis mozambicus) don’t fetch good market price due to its small size and low growth rate.
The GIFT which is a gift from WorldFish is being brought to India through RGCA-MPEDA center in Andhra Pradesh.
At present, through WorldFish collaboration, Government of Odisha is planning to set up a GIFT multiplication Center at Kausalyaganga Govt Fish farm.
It will help to supply seed to all farmers to be covered under WorldFish activities which will include extensive and semi-intensive for both poly and mono -culture system. It will also help to enhance the present fish production of 2.5 MT/ha/year to a level of 5-10 MT/ha/year.
Importantly, India being 2nd in the aquaculture production in the World, is not in the list of top 10 tilapia producing countries with a global production level of 47 lakh MT.
This genetically improved variety of tilapia produced through selective breeding program under the technical guidance of WorldFish has the traits like faster growth, higher feed conversion efficiency resulting lower FCR will definitely give us much higher productivity in the near future.

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