Mamata Calls For Unity

West Bengal Chief Minister and AITMC Supremo Manata Banerjee today said all regional parties must work together for a better system in the federal polity of the country.

Ms.Banerjee accused the BJP of indulging in "divisive" politics to defame Hindutva.

"Our effort will be to ensure that all regional parties work together for better federalism in the country. They should be strong," Ms.Banerjee, also the President of the All India Trinamool Congress (AITMC) said to Media Men.
Ms.Banerjee, who is on a three-day visit to Odisha since last night, came down heavily on the BJP and accused it of indulging in divisive politics.

"They (BJP) wanted to divide the nation in the name of religion, region and caste. They pit Hindus against Muslims, Christians against Hindus, Odias against Bengalis, Biharis against Bengalis, and so on ... This is not Hinduism," she alleged.

Claiming that she was a real Hindu who believes in taking everyone together, Ms.Banerjee said the BJP's attitude towards others was not acceptable.

"According to BJP,  the Governments in Odisha Bihar and West Bengal are bad along with all other Non BJP run States,  she said.
Ms.Banerjee claimed that Hinduism was not something practiced by the BJP and dubbed the BJP members as "black spot" on Hinduism. She alleged that they divide people instead of taking everyone together.
"I am Hindu but not the one who defames religion, while the Hindu belief talks about the ideology of moving forward and taking everyone along, the saffron party is acting against the ideology and defaming Hindutva," Ms.Banerjee said.
 On the FIR filed against her party leaders in  connection with Narada chit-fund case, she said, "These decisions are taken with evil intentions and are politically motivated. The AITMC is against the BJP ideologically but they are fighting against us at a personal level. We will take up the challenge and handle the matter legally."
Asked about her remark on beef eating, Ms.Banerjee said, "I'm a devout Jagannath lover and we worship the Lord in our houses in Bengal”.

On relations between Odisha and West Bengal, she said, "In my state, every person worships Lord Jagannath with reverence and visits Puri at least six times a year. For us Kali Ghat, Dakhineswari Mandir or Jagannath Mandir, are all the same. In Digha or Puri, the beaches are equally captivating."
On plans to meet Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Banerjee said, "I want to meet him tomorrow before leaving for Kolkata."

AITMC President Ms.Banerjee held discussion Odisha President Arya Kumar Gyanendra at the Circuit House in Puri and held discussion.
Mr.Gyanendra later told newsmen that the discussion centered around strengthening the organizational structure of the party in the State.

"She suggested strengthening TMC in Odisha from the grass root level,” he added.

The party is likely to field candidates in almost all seats during the upcoming civic body election in the State,Mr.Gyanendra said.

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