Did Pyari Made Coup?

Chanakya of Odisha Politics, as Pyarimohan Mohapatra would be remembered and his
so-called May 29, 2012 Mid-Night Operation would certainly remains as a matter of research for the political science students and scholars in years to come.

With  Pyari Babu’s body was consigned to flames at Satya Nagar
crematorium, people aware of his contribution towards the regional party and its Supremo Naveen Patnaik, suspect whether the former bureaucrat had actually attempted to topple the BJD Government.

Did Pyari Babu really wanted to become Chief Minister of Odisha after
ousting Naveen Patnaik when he was in London in May, 2012?

A series of questions now haunts the mind of many people including
political analysts who have witnessed Pyari Babu gathering BJD MLAs for a revolt.

 It is a fact that Pyari babu was not pulling well Naveen
days before the eventful mid-night operation. Even the Chief Minister had asked party MLAs not to meet Pyari Babu, who brought most of them to politics and get them elected to the Odisha Legislative Assembly.

There should be no doubt that Pyari Babu was annoyed with Naveen over
the latter’s instruction to MLAs not to meet him.

Defying Naveen’s direction, as many as 33 MLAs including some
Ministers met Pyari Babu at his 111 Saheed Nagar residence.

Later, Pyari Babu had admitted that he wanted to show Naveen his
strength within the BJD and therefore called MLAs to meet him. But Pyari rejected the possibility of a coup and topple Naveen’s Government.

Of the 103 BJD MLAs, 85 were hand-picked by Pyari Babu. Remaining 18
MLAs including the leaders like Damodar Rout, Bijayshree Routray, A U Singh Deo and others were loyal to Naveen.

“Had I have any aspiration to become Chief Minister, I would have
taken the post in 2009 after elections. I have never attempted to become the CM. My May 29 exercise was totally intended to show Naveen my strength,” Pyari Babu had said during his life time.

Pyari Babu, who was also known as the Master Political Strategist, had
admitted that he had a “wrong strategy” on May 29.

“Since I had no Secret Mission, therefore I called MLAs to meet me at
my residence. Had I ulterior motive, I could have done it in some other place,” Pyari Babu had clarified.

However, nobody including Naveen Babu received Pyari Babu’s
clarification. Even Naveen never minced the word like “ beiman” (betrayer) against his one- time mentor.

The students of political science and scholars have a tough job ahead
to clear the air. What actually happened and whether Pyari Babu was given a bad name before being sacked from the party?

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