Opposition Spreading Lies

Saffron Veteran Ram Madhav on  14 January accused the opposition parties of spreading lies on Citizen Amentment Aact (CAA) and blamed the Congress for attempting to bail out Pakistan from its terrorist activities in India.

BJP General Secretary also alleged that the opposition parties have taken the help of lies on the CAA after failing to face Prime Minister Narendra Modi politically.
“It is a conspiracy by the opposition parties to spread lies, canard and misleading people to provoke unrest and violence in the country,” Ram Madhav said adding that the country is all in support of the Prime Minister and his policies.
While coming down heavily on the Congress, Ram Madhav said: “Opposition parties, particularly Congress has gone to the extent of attempting to give clean chit Pakistan in the Pulwama terrorist attack incident.”
Replying to a question on the Congress tweet on DSP Davinder Singh, the Saffron Veteran said: “The Congress is attempting to blame the entire security force for the mistakes of one police person. The security forces have completely dedicated their lives for the nation.”
This is not all, the Congress had also attempted to blame RSS and bail out Pakistan following the terrorist attack in Mumbai where 250 people from six different countries were killed.
Apart from creating violence by misleading people inside the country, Ram Madhav also blamed the opposition parties of attempting to tarnish India’s image in the international level.
In the name of opposing the CAA, the opposition parties are also going against the India’s basic character. “The Congress and other opposition parties are opposed the India’s basic character of giving shelter to hapless people,” he alleged.  
Asked about the nationwide protest against CAA, Ram Madhav said that many people oppose the Citizenship (Amendment) Act as they do not have complete information. He said there are two types of opposition to CAA, one by some people having less information on the amended act and by others who deliberately oppose it even though they have complete information.  
The amended citizenship law envisages providing Indian nationality to persecuted minorities from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh who came to India as refugees prior to December 31, 2014, he said.
Asked about Kerala Government’s move to Supreme Court on the CAA issue, the BJP leader said: “The CAA is part of the Constitution and therefore all states are duty bound to implement it. However, they are free to move the court and we are confident that the CAA is completely legal and according to the framework of the Constitution.”
He said the BJP has therefore launched a nationwide campaign to inform people the truth about the CAA. “The CAA is totally constitutional, legal, non-controversial and non-discriminatory,” BJP Veteran pointed out

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