Naidu Formulated Smart Cities

Union Minister for Home Affairs, Amit Shah launched the book ‘Listening, Learning and Leading’ here on11 August. This book is based on Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu’s two years in office. 

The book captures glimpses of the Vice President’s 330 public engagements across the country during this period.

Launching the book, Mr.
Shah said, “I have come here not as a Minister, not as an MP, not as a party president. I have come here as a student of politics, in honor of the personification of an ideal politician and leader, that is Mr.Naidu.”
The book, ‘Listening, Learning and Leading’, is nothing but the story of his life and is an ideal for the youth of the country to follow.

This has been exemplified in his conduct throughout his life, from a son of a farmer to the Vice President of India and Chairman of the Upper House of the Parliament.

It is his dedication and untiring service for the Nation that has helped him to become a role model for the whole country, Mr.Shah said.
The Home Minister talked about the immense contribution of Shri Naidu towards his political party and the Government while he held various Ministerial portfolios in the NDA Government.
Mr.Shah mentioned that the concept of Smart Cities and the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana were launched during Mr.Naidu’s tenure as the Urban Development Minister and how they are transforming the Indian urban landscape.
The Home Minister added that even after becoming the Vice President, he has been as active as ever and has been continuously in touch with grassroots and has provided his guidance through his extensive speeches inside and outside Parliament.
Being from agricultural background, Mr.Naidu’s interactions with farmers across the country and his contribution to shaping the agricultural policy of India is commendable.

Further, Mr.Shah noted that Mr.Naidu has been active in getting India’s message communicated to the world by meeting visiting foreign delegations and visiting 19 Nations in the last two years, of which some countries have been the first ones that were visited by an Indian Vice President.

The Home Minister said that the book is an example of how a leader needs to communicate with the masses of the Nation. It is for future leaders in all fields to tread the footsteps shown by Mr.Naidu.

Mr.Shah further noted that it is an auspicious happening that the young Mr.Naidu who participated in movement against Article 370 in his youth, was the Chairman of the Upper House when the resolution was passed.

He said, “I had no confusion in my mind as Home Minister of India on what would happen after Article 370 is abrogated. I am confident that Jammu and Kashmir would progress on the path of development and prosperity. Yet while introducing the resolution on Article 370 in the Upper House, I had apprehensions on how the House would function, as the Government does not have majority in Rajya Sabha”.

Commending him for his neutrality and leadership during the discussion in Rajya Sabha on Article 370, Mr.Shah congratulated Mr.Naidu for his exceptional leadership in conducting the proceedings of the House, maintaining the decorum of the House and getting the resolutions and bills regarding J&K passed.

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