State Happy With BSNL

State Government is happy with Major Telecom Provider-BSNL as it came as “First Responder”, when Odisha faced Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm-FANI.

Senior Mandarins, who worked 24X7 during post-FANI operations, are appreciating the efforts of BSNL during the “Hours of Crisis”.

Principal Secretary Finance Ashok Kumar Meena admits that “BSNL has stood by the State during the crisis.”

Odisha Telecom Circle, with Tele Density of 85.48 Percent is having 3.58 Crore Mobile Connections, and BSNL has around 17 Percent share in it.

Dr. U S Panda, CGMT BSNL Odisha Circle has been able to provide able leadership during the crisis, admit senior officials.

“With huge man power and its ability to keep its own people everywhere came handy for speeding up the network connection by BSNL”, said a senior officer of the Department of Telecommunications.

Senior Deputy Director General (DDG) of the Department of Telecommunications(DoT) , M B Ravichandran sources said though other telecom providers tried to provide services, BSNL’s robust resources were utilized to resume services earlier.

While due to Cyclone FANI, Telecom Infrastructure received extensive damage in Puri, Khurda and Cuttack Districts.

Due to FANI power supply was interrupted and network got affected on 3 May from 8 AM onwards in Puri and 11-3 PM onwards in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and other areas.

Mobile Services collapsed in these areas; however BSNL Landline was the only service available to communicate within State Secretariat.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik took a review meeting on 3 May late afternoon and Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi asked to ensure restoration of Telecom Network as soon as possible.

Development Commissioner Asit Tripathy was taking daily review with DoT officials to monitor the progress of restoration work.

Mr.Ravichandran, said DoT looking at the crisis allowed people with free SMS and gave permission for Intra Circle Roaming (ICR) which helped the citizens in the State to get network coverage seamlessly.

With ICR in operation telecom operators merged network to ensure all citizens in the state to get network coverage seamlessly.

ICR will be permitted in Puri District till end of May, sources said.

Telecom Operators, BSNL, Airtel, Jio, Vodafone-IDEA have merged to provide uninterrupted service in the cyclone affected areas, said Mr.Ravichandran.

“In fact all the Telecom Providers cooperated and extended support during the crisis period”, said Mr.Ravichandran, adding Airtel also came up to expectation”.

While 11 districts were affected due to FANI, Puri was worst affected and cut off in terms of telecom. Data Service and Internet Service were completely affected.

However Landline service in State Secretariat was functioning without any interruption during the entire period.

BSNL has made functional 83 out of 99 Exchanges in Khurda District and 29 out of 46 Exchanges in Puri District for Landline Services. All 77 Exchanges made functional in Cuttack District.

BSNL has restored 1053 Data Circuits out of 1743, for which Banking Services are slowly limping back to normalcy. BSNL sources said all Data Circuits will be restored at the earliest.

However complete damage of 59 Mobile Towers and Equipments of BSNL are coming as a major obstacle in resuming cent percent services.

Similarly Optical Fibre Cable Infrastructure have been damaged extensively, which is also coming as a stumbling block.

However, full restoration of Telecom Services will be done within a week in the FANI affected areas, barring Puri, which will take some more time, said official sources.

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