ODRAF On Restoration Mode

Cyclones and Floods have struck Odisha with sickening regularity bringing devastation and distress all along.

Every time Odisha faces the wrath of Nature ODRAF of Odisha Police sets out for rescue and restoration of lives and property.
ODRAF has become synonymous with rescue and restoration operation so much so that it has become a beacon of hope for every common men/women facing cyclones and floods.
With its trained men, indomitable spirit, bravado, meticulous training and state of the art equipment ODRAF has always been the first responders to every natural calamity.
Rescuing people from flooded areas, clearing road blockades and debris after the disaster and providing relief to the people marooned due to devastation have always been carried out with empathy and swiftness by the ODRAF.
Every time natural calamity strikes Odisha, pictures of Orange jerseys flashes all around and is testimony to the grit and courage that ODRAF does.
Their ability to take risk, manoeuvre SOPs and take unconventional operations have been phenomenal. When every cyclone brings despair for the people, ODRAF brings them hope. Salute to these men in orange our real fighters fighting the wrath of Nature.
To tackle the cyclonic storm “FANI” effectively, 40 (forty) numbers of ODRAF teams were prepositioned on 1 May at different locations in the probable affected districts. On 1-2 May major evacuation in the likely affected areas were done by the ODRAF and the people were shifted to safer places to avoid any mishap.
Soon after the cyclone subsided on 3 May within a span of 6 hours i.e by 10.00 PM of the night the National Highways running through the affected districts were cleared by the ODRAF teams for smooth movement of the vehicles and normal vehicular traffic was facilitated. The State Highways and other major Roads were also cleared by the next morning. 
Further, the ODRAF teams were engaged in cutting of large numbers of the big trees fallen on the roads, vehicles and they also removed trees which were hanging precariously over the buildings and leaning on the electric poles. 
The ODRAF took active role in ensuing road communication and restoration of power supply, telephone connectivity, distribution of relief materials and drinking water in the cyclone affected areas.
The ODRAF teams worked hard and tirelessly throughout the day and night without any break in critical situation in the cyclone affected area to restore normalcy. The role of ODRAF during the cyclone has been highly appreciated by different forums as well as by the general public.

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