Will Wave Hit BJD?

There should be no doubt that there is a Narendra Modi Wave across Odisha ahead of the 2019 polls for the Lok Sabha and Odisha Assembly.

However, nobody knows whether this saffron wave could hit the BJD which stands solid like a rock in Odisha.  

There was also a similar Modi Wave in 2014 elections. However, the last time this could hardly touch the people of Odisha and Governing BJD headed by Naveen Patnaik picked up 117 Assembly seats and 20 0f the 21 Lok Sabha seats.

Therefore, the Modi Wave failed to hit Naveen’s Charisma.

However, there is a marked difference between the Modi Wave then and now.

When analyzed, it is seen that the 2014 wave fizzled out as the BJP had no mechanism at the grass root level to encase the opportunity. There were no booth level leaders of the saffron party.

This time round, the ruling BJD has reasons to be worried as BJP has already spread its network across the state after 2017 rural polls. The party now existed in the remotest corner of the state.

The task for the BJP leaders is to use the opportunity.

When cross-checked about existence of such a change in nook and corner of the state, it was found that the people associated with election process in the state in general and the officials engaged in the procedure during the first phase of polling on April 11, have admitted that this time there was a Modi Wave.

It is another matter whether the BJP will form the Government in the state or get more than one Lok Sabha seat in Odisha.

But, the fact remains that the Modi Wave created following the Pulwama terror arrack and subsequent air strike inside Pakistan, has increased Modi’s influence across the country.

As a political leader of rival party BJD President Naveen Patnaik has outright rejected the possibility of BJP performing well in the state. He said that Modi Wave has not touched Odisha.

However, the ground reality is that the people across the state are aware of the development taking across the border and Mr.Modi’s role.

However, what has confused the masses and the people linked to the election process, is that the women voters who constitute around 46 per cent of the state’s total electorates, are silent on Modi Wave.
Of the state’s total 3.18 crore voters, women constitute 1.54 crore electorates.

This huge proportion of voters is yet to open up in regard to Modi Wave. Like young men and youths, women are silent on the Modi Mania and appeared not too enthusiast about it.

This journalist during a tour from southern and western districts, has not come across a single woman who openly speaks about Modi Wave even as hundreds of vocal youths praise the Prime Minister.

This is not women alone, the men above 50 years of age also do not open their cards and never come out admitting Modi Wave.

When interacted with the senior persons above 50 years of age, none of them mentioned Modi Lehar  though some of them supported the saffron party.

Many of the matured men do not go by such euphoria and prefer to remain silent when asked about it. At the same time, they also do not reject the Modi Factor.

These men are mostly worried over the agricultural issues like irrigation, crop failure, government’s assistance under KALIA Scheme, PM-KISAN and others.

They are also worried about studies and future of their children before opening up in support of any party like sons and young generation.   

Therefore, it is very difficult to conclude that Modi Wave will sweep the state elections.  The intensity of Modi Wave is yet to be calculated.

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