Veterans Face Direct Fight

With the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik will be campaigning in Sambalpur and Bargarh District on 15 April, Western Odisha is witnessing intense battle.

And Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) and Biju Janata Dal(BJD) Heavyweights like Suresh Pujari and Prasanna Achrya are having direct fight, while Congress Greenhorn Pradip Debata is missing in action.
Mr.Modi will address a massive gathering in Sambalpur on 15 April, where MP and MLA candidates of Bargarh, Sambalpur, Jharsuguda will be present.
And BJD Supremo will hit the Road Show on 16 April in Bargarh District, which will witness huge turnout of women folks, who are the major vote bank of the Regional Outfit.
BJD Veteran, Prasanna Acharya is upbeat with Chief Minister’s proposed Road Show, which he hopes to turn the table and the so called Modi Wave will fizzle out.
BJP Stalwart Suresh Pujari, who for the first time testing his luck in Bargarh is very hopeful with huge Modi Wave, sweeping Western Odisha in a big way.
Mr.Acharya a long time Lawmaker is banking upon “Development Plank of the BJD Government in Odisha.
Though his camp is worried over growing influence of Narendra Modi among the youth, he is making a brave face, while talking to Media.
A youth, Prakash Barik, who runs a saloon in Bhatli in the Bargarh Lok Sabha segment when asked about prospects of BJP in this Lok Sabha constituency, said “Modi Is Our Hero”, we will vote for Modi in Lok Sabha and Naveen Patnaik for Assembly”.
Not only Prakash talk to any youth, it is Modi and Modi in various segments of Bargarh.
Abhaya Tripathy, another youth in Atabira,which falls in Bargarh Lok Sabha segment also has similar approach and he said “After Terrorists killed 40 odd Jawans of our country, Modi with air strike killed 300 terrorists of Pakistan”.
 One has to admit that Saffron Surge is there in Western Odisha and visualizing it earlier, an intelligent BJD Supremo also opted to fight from Bijepur Assembly Seat, which falls under Bargarh Lok Sabha Segment.
This decision certainly will boost prospects of BJD candidates in not only Bargarh Lok Sabha Constituency but also it will have positive impact on Sambalpur Lok Sabha Segments and at least 14 Assembly Seats will be influenced by such decision, said a veteran political analyst,
Mr.Patnaik, who is contesting from Hinjili Assembly Seat will address at least six large gatherings in Bargarh District on 16 April.
As this Lok Sabha Segment is going for poll on 18 April, it will have its impact, said he.
While Prasanna Achrya is banking upon Charisma of Naveen Patnaik, Saffron Veteran, Mr.Pujari feels that a Strong Modi Wave sweeping across the country will show its colours in Western Odisha.
Echoing Mr.Pujari, a small shop owner Bijaya Kumar Duan said “Air Strike On Pakistan has made Modi a Hero”.
However, BJD Vice President, Subash Chouhan out right rejects such wave and says that BJD will sweep in all the five Assembly Seats and Bargarh Lok Sabha Seat.
Mr.Chouhan, who was hopeful of a BJP Ticket was left shattered, when Mr.Pujari was given the Ticket and in frustration, he joined BJD and rewarded with Vice President Post.
In fact Mr.Chouhan received more than 3 Lakh votes in 2014, but failed to win the Seat and lost to BJD Candidate Prabhas Kumar Singh, who has been denied ticket this time.
While both BJD and BJP Stalwarts are in action, Congress candidate Mr.Debata campaign is not that impressive and has not able to make a mark among the voters.
So it seems that there will be a direct fight between Naveen Patnaik Charisma and Modi Wave in this Lok Sabha Segment.
While BJP has the support of vociferous youth, BJD is banking upon quiet Women Folks, who are standing like Rock Of Gibraltar for the Regional Outfit. 

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