HSI Favors Vegan Food

Humane Society International, in collaboration with Institute of Hotel Management at Bhubaneswar conducted its first ever plant based culinary training for over 50 aspiring chefs at the institute.

The workshop was led by Chefs Susmita Subbaraju and Ram of Carrots, India’s first vegan restaurant. The workshop focused on creating awareness among future chefs on the growing trend towards plant-based food and developing their skills to incorporate plant-based alternatives to conventional animal products such as plant-based milk and cheese, egg – free scramble and plant-based desserts.
Chef Susmita Subbaraju, co-owner of Carrots Restaurant, said “The future is plant-based, and I believe in doing what I can to bring about this future sooner. I'm passionate about empowering everyone to make their own vegan food. That way, when there's a supply everywhere, people will be more open to cutting down the consumption of animal-based foods and switching to plant-based alternatives instead.”
Recommended by The National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology, the plant-based programmes at culinary institutions is crucial to cater to the increasing consumer demand for sustainable, ethically produced food. Equipping chefs in India with globally relevant diverse set of skills has the potential to increase employability of Indian chefs worldwide.
Swarnali Roy, HIS Meat- Reduction Campaign Manager said, “It is delightful to see the way IHM, Bhubaneswar is promoting sustainable eating. Without the support of Principal Sharada Ghosh, this would not have been possible. We hope to replicate this chef training across all IHMs to cater to the growing demand of plant-based food.”
HSI actively engages with food businesses to increase the availability of plant-based options on menus, and through their Humane Eating program, closely interacts with individual consumers through educational and awareness programs.

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