Patnaik On Summer Cry

Summer season is hardly two months away. The entire state comprising of rural as well as urban areas are going to face acute water shortage during this period, warns  PCC President, Niranjan Patnaik.

Raising a common man’s issue, Mr.Patnaik said during last summer, most of the places in the state faced this problem.
People could not get water for their daily needs also. The ground water level had depleted in most of the places and tube wells went dry.
In other places, the ground water was contaminated and was not useful at all. There was a statewide panic due to this crisis.
PCC Chief said, Odisha normally gets its fresh water demand fulfilled by southwest monsoon. During the period stretched from June to September, the state gets 80 percent of the rain.
But the State Government has taken no steps to harvest the rain water and it flows down to the sea.
 Odisha is mainly fed by Mahanadi and its branches. But Chhattisgarh Government has constructed a number of barrages and dams over the river there and Mahanadi remains dry in Odisha most of the year.
Mr Patnaik said, 80 percent people in Odisha depend on ground water for their daily needs and drinking purpose.

The medium and heavy industries set up in the state are extracting ground water for industrial purpose and this has led to water shortage in drinking and agriculture purpose.

According to Central Ground Water Board Report, the ground water level in 24 districts out of 30 in Odisha is going down.

11 states in the country have made the rain water harvesting mandatory for all big projects, but Odisha is lagging behind.

Around 10 lakh people in Odisha are facing water contamination related problem. Out of them 1 lakh are tribal.

Highest numbers in Jajpur are facing this problem followed by Puri, Koraput, Nayagarh, Cuttack, Bhadrak and Kendrapara.

Around 68 lakh people are not getting minimum 40 litres of water for their daily needs. Out of those highest 11 lakh are in Ganjam district, the CM’s own area.

According to report published in India Spend, FOUR hours is the time taken by the women of coastal Odisha to find clean water.

The Odisha Government and Union Government are trying to fool the people by announcing schemes almost every day but the reality is even in the 21st Century, people of Odisha struggle for something as basic as Clean Drinking Water.

This injustice done to the people of Odisha by the BJP and BJD will get a befitting reply from the people of Odisha in the upcoming elections, says Mr.Patnaik.

 As promised in our Guarantee Card to Women of Odisha, the Congress Government in Odisha will provide Water Connection to every household, PCC Chief promised.

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