Online Action Hits Offenders

Be Aware! Offenders of Traffic Rules, now the enforcing officers are recommending suspension and blocking of Driving License (DL) or Certificate of Registration (RC) on Online.

“Earlier method of sending recommendation for suspension of these documents by post was time taking process and were proving beneficial for the offenders, said Sanjeeb Panda, Transport Commissioner.

And this Online recommendation will be reflected in the home page of the competent officer, Regional Transport Officer (RTO) page on real time basis and based on Law, further decision for suspension or blocking can be taken, said Mr.Panda.

With tech savvy top cop, Mr.Panda at the helm of State Transport Authority, several applications of Information Technology (IT) System is being applied for bringing transparency in the system with the help of the technology.

This will reflect in all eChallan app implemented across all states enforcement Officers’ device in real time. Based on the information they can take suitable action as enshrined in Law, said a senior officer in State Transport Authority.

“Now with eChallan has been adopted in Transport Sector in the State, it has lot of benefits as enforcement agencies need not physically handle any document and there will be no harassment to citizens to collect document after payment of compounding fees as the challan when disposed would automatically update the record in the Database”.

In the meantime Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for validation of DL, RC and other Transport Documents in electronic form through IT or Mobile App Platform.

mParivahan is available to each citizen and eChallan to only enforcement officers is made available, officials say.

Citizens are provided mParivahan Mobile App for DL, RC and other details for their ease and they can produce online virtual copy of these documents and enforcement officers will have to accept documents in electronic form.

Citizens can download the DL and RC through these Apps and store it in Mobile Devices.

Similarly if the Vehicle Registration Details on mParivahan/eChallan App contain the date of the validity of the Insurance Policy, fitness, Tax etc., which is in force then the requirement of a physical copy of the Insurance Certificate is not required.

And there would be no requirement of seizure/impounding of the documents in cases where there is no traffic violation but validation of information can be ensured through mParivahan or eChallan or Digilocker.

For generating challan for violation, the enforcement officer can create a challan using an on-line PoS or CCTV eChallan facility using the real time database of VHAN and Sarathi, said the officer.

After creating a challan, offence history will get registered in the database in VAHAN for the vehicle and SARATHI for the driver respectively.

And all offence data is available in real time online basis and easily available to the enforcement officers throughout the country.

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