BJD Slams Saffron Deception


The Biju Janata Dal today launched a blistering attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party calling it a party of committed skullduggery (Jumla Party) and dubbing its ‘Promise Rally’ as ‘Rally of Deception’.

Governing party’s senior leaders Minister Pratap Jena, Sanjay Dasburma, Sasmit Patra and others told media men here at the party headquarters that the BJP-led Central government has been ignoring Odisha on all fronts since it came to power in 2014.

Taking on the saffron party over its ‘Pratishruti Samavesh’ in Odisha ‘to influence the people in its favour’, the people are well aware of the political sleight BJP has been playing on the people not only in Odisha but in the whole country.

“They will not be influenced by the saffron party’s deceitful words and will give a befitting reply to this Jumla party in the upcoming elections”, Jena warned, adding that BJP should first fulfill its old promises and then make further commitments.
Mr.Jena said BJP bluntly reneged upon its promise to accord special status to Odisha. “Giving the same promise again in its Pratishruti Samaveshas is nothing but a big Jumla”, he said.

Referring to BJP’s promise to provide two crore jobs each year, Jena said according to their promise they should have given 10 crore jobs in five years and Odisha could have a share of 36 lakh jobs by now where as they have utterly failed in providing even one thousand jobs to the youths of the State.

“Rather the country has lost one crore job opportunities only in the last year due to Centre’s wrong policies”’ Jena pointed out, adding that it is a clear fraud played upon the youths of the State.
Mr.Jena also had a sharp dig at a ‘third Jumla’ of the BJP, stating that the party’s government took the poor people of the country on a ride promising to deposit Rs 15 lakh in their accounts whereas, on the other hand, the part continued exploiting the poor people and the lower economic group by imposing penalty on them for not maintaining the minimum balance in their accounts.

“Similar is the scheme of Jan Dhan accounts in which not a single pie was deposited by the Government”, he said.      
“On the development front, the Mahanadi, the Polavaram issues and coastal highway project have not only neglected but the government has been acting against the interest of Odisha. There is also a cost cutting in 33 projects and eight programmes have been completely stopped,” Mr.Jena said.

Besides, Mr.Jena added Odisha has received only Rs 370 crore towards coal block auctions despite Centre’s promise to pay Rs 70,000 crore.

“Even in the case of Railways, Odisha is being thoroughly cheated. The Centre is spending only Rs 2,000 crore in the State whereas it is earning a hefty amount of Rs 20,000 crore annual revenue”, Jena pointed out.

Mr.Jena added that it was Naveen Patnaik's vision and commitment that 20 lakh houses were constructed for the homeless in the last five years. Under 'Basundhara' scheme 1.20 lakh beneficiaries have been allotted land. Under 'Jaga' scheme in the urban areas 30,000 'Pattas' have been awarded, he added.

“It was during the past 10 years of the BJD Government that  nine lakh youths were skilled and roads were built for 41,000 villages,” the BJD leader Mr.Patra added.  

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