Centre Asks Tertiary Ease

Looking at the growing need of the Health Care requirements, State Government is needed to undertake the future Manpower and Infrastructure Planning of both District and Tertiary Health Care Facilities.

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) has advised the Odisha Government in this regard as more numbers of patients are visiting AIIMS and similar referral institutions for primary and secondary health care.

“There is a need to analyze the available patient and referral data to identify the gaps exist in District Hospitals In Odisha”, said Rabindra Prasad, Director Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

Mr.Prasad said that this will help in undertaking the future Manpower and Infrastructure Development Planning of the District and Tertiary Health Care facilities including the Medical Colleges.

AIIMS New Delhi, JIPMER Puducherry, PGIMER, Chandigarh and AIIMS like Institutions in Bhubaneswar and other States were set up for primarily to provide Medical Education, World Class Research, Specialized Medical Care(Tertiary Care) to the patients and are meant to be Referral Hospital only.

Mr.Prasad said “it has, however observed that a large number of patients visiting these Referral Institutions requiring primary and secondary care or have been referred even though the concerned specialists are available in the District Hospitals or the State Level Health Care Institutions.

Under this backdrop, MoHFW pointed out that it is not possible to pay kind of attention or care meant for the critical patients needing specialize care in the tertiary health care institutions.

Director Mr.Prasad has pointed out that some States have initiated the good practices of conducting an audit of the referrals to ascertain the gap areas where further strengthening of the Health Infrastructure and Manpower at District Level or at Medical College Level could be undertaken.

This exercise has yielded positive results and brought down the number of referrals to the tertiary health care facilities.

Accordingly the State Government has been advised to analyze the available patient and referral data to identify the gaps accordingly.

This will help out the State to make future planning and implementation of improved health care system at District and State Level, said sources.

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