Award For Good Samaritans

State Transport Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda has harped on the concept of 'MO-RASH' meaning ‘NO’ to Mobile, ‘NO’ to Over-speeding, Respect to Others, ‘NO’ to Alcohol and ‘YES’ to Seat Belt and Helmet.

Mr.Panda was speaking at Path Utsav here on Road Safety Awareness so that collectively the society can manage to restore valuable lives.

He informed that in Odisha roads in a year 5,300 people are dying due to road accidents only.

Mr.Panda said the Good Samaritan Policy of the State Government, through which any one, who brings accident victims to hospitals (both government and private) would get Rs 2,000 as a reward for saving the lives.

Not only the cash incentive, but the person can also receive compensation for the expenses he/she had done while transporting the accident policy to the hospitals.

He also assured that the concerned police of nearby police station would never harass the person, who rescues the accident victims. Police would also not lodge any case against the rescuer of a road accident victim.

These benefits would be available at the nearby Road Transport Office (RTO) and for availing such benefits a person has to get a certificate from the doctor concerned, declaring the injured person was helped by him/her.

Road Safety awareness as the central theme of 78th Patha Utsav, the most popular street festival of the Temple City, the entire 1.5 km stretch of Janpath between Master Centreen and Ram Mandir Square turned into a mini awareness creating hub as all participating institutions remained focus on making the visitors aware on the road safety issues.

As a symbolic gesture and following the mythological route God of death Yamraj, his guards and his registrar of death Chitragupta, all in heavenly attire by professional artists were engaged by the Transport Department to carry out the dissemination of the awareness in style and in effective way. Just like the mount of Yamraj is a bison, a bike was made dressed up as a bison and Yamraj gave poses with kids who were holding slogans propagating road safety awareness.

While veteran actor Kuna Tripathy called for exemplary punishments for the violators of the road safety rules, he made an emotional appeal to the young crowd and advised that when parents or the kin need the support of a young person, he/she should not meet the end and be a burden on the elders.

Bhubaneswar MP Prasanna Patsani blamed the use of mobile phones by youngsters while driving causing road safety violations. Saying that the Patha Utsav has become an effective ground for many good things like the concept of non-motorised transport and lifestyle modifications for better and safer life, the eminent poet through the recital of his inspiring verses asked the young adults not to become victims so that the Yamraj would easily take them out with him.

Two computer science professors, who are in a mission to cover 777 km in 7 days across the state to spread awareness on road safety, ended the ride at Pathostav Bhubaneswar on today.

Gopal Krushna Sahu (40) and Kumar Devadutta (40) embarked on their cycle expedition from Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club.

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