Census On Water Bodies

Upendra Prasad Singh, Union Secretary Water Resources has said that for the first time there will be a Census on Water Bodies of the Country.

Odisha, one of the states, which has major Inland Water Resources, is included in the First Water Body Census, said Mr.Singh.
Odisha has major rivers, reservoirs, tanks, ponds and the State ranks First as regards the total area of Brakish Water Area, followed by Gujarat, Kerala and West Bengal.
So for First Census of Water Bodies, Odisha takes the prime position and the State Government has been requested to take up preliminaries exercises in this regard.

Mr.Singh has said that another census of Minor Irrigation (MI) Sector will be taken up. And this will be sixth Minor Irrigation Census, which will be taken up simultaneous basis.

MI Census is taken up in every five years and this time the MI Census will be taken up simultaneously along with First Water Body Census, said Mr.Singh.

Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation is funding the entire Census Operations and the Ministry is working closely with the Department of Water Resources of the State Governments.

In order to ensure quality in collection of data and subsequent processing thereof elaborate training program was taken up with the officials of the State Government.

In Odisha, Department of Water Resources has been conducting training program for the officers in State, District and Block level as per the advice of the Union Government.

Recently DoWR has presented a proposal in this regard, which Ministry approved, said sources.

Mr.Singh has expressed his happiness over the preparedness of the State Government in this regard.

MI Statistics Wing of Ministry has advised the State Government in this regard in details, which has positive impact on the officers.

As the State Government is ready, Mr.Singh has urged to start filed work so that both the Census can be taken up simultaneously and in a hassle free manner.

Additional Director General, Minor Irrigation is coordinating the entire Census Operations and he is in touch with the Secretary Water Resources of the States.

Both the Censuses will help in creating sound data base on all important parameters related with Minor Irrigation as well as Water Bodies for efficient planning and policy formulations in the Water Resources Sector, said Mr.Singh.

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