BJD Govt Keeps Promises

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today claimed that his Government makes promises and keep them for which the people will bless BJD one more time.

Mr.Patnaik said this while participating in an interactive session of a India Today, a Delhi based News Magazine.

“We constantly follow our development and welfare programs. We make promises and keep them. Therefore, I feel, the people will trust us,” Naveen said while replying a question as to why the people of Odisha will vote you to power for the fifth consecutive times.

Asked about the main poll issues in the upcoming elections, the BJD president said: “I think price rise of essential items, specially products in oil and natural gas sector, farmers distress and unemployment will be major poll plank in the general elections.”

He said the State Government’s KALIA scheme is for the overall development of cultivators. “92 per cent of cultivators will benefit from KALIA scheme. Even the landless farmers, share croppers and agricultural labourers will benefit from KALIA scheme,” he said.

The Chief Minister said KALIA scheme is praised by many and he hopes that other parts of the country will take a lesson from the program.
In a message to the youths and first time voters, Naveen suggested them to be very careful before going to vote any candidate. “Carefully look all priorities and read manifestoes of different parties, see which one is better and then vote.”

A day after announcing that BJD would not be part of the Mahagathbandhan, anti-BJP alliance at the national level, Naveen said his regional party continued to maintain equal distance from both the national parties and the policy would be maintained in the upcoming elections also.

When a student from the audience wanted to know about the Odisha Chief Minister’s inspiration in the life, Naveen said: “Like many others Mahatma Gandhi is my inspiration. He will remain an inspiration for many generations to come.”

He suggested youths to do in which they are interested most. Naveen also told the youths to be responsible to the parents, family and above all the nation.

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