31 Mining Leases Expires

 State Government has asked the 31 Mining Lease Holders to make all out efforts to complete exploration by 31 March 2019, whose validity will expire on 31 March 2020. These mines are now active and mineral is being produced from these mines.

Clear One year Deadline has been given to the Mining Lease Holders as associated requisites are to be completed before one year time period so that these mines will be put into auction before 31 March 2020.
Official sources said that the Department of Steel & Mines has listed out 31 Mineral Leases which are due to expire on 31 March 2020 under Section 8A(6) of the MMDR Act in State of Odisha.
While the status of exploration carried out by the Mining Lessees is being reviewed at regular intervals, it came to notice that as of now, exploration has been completed up to G2/G1 level of exploration in the case of 08 Leases.
Those are Roida Iron ore mining lease of K.N. Ram &Co, Narayaniposi Iron &Manganese ore mining lease and Mahulsukha Manganese ore mining lease of AMTC Limited.

Similarly Nadidihi Iron ore mining lease of  B.1. Co Limited, Sukinda Chromite ore mining lease of TATA Steel Limited, Jurudi Iron ore mining lease of Kalinga Mining Corporation, Nadidih Rengalbeda Iron and Manganese ore mines of Feegrade& co and Teherai Iron and Manganese ore mines of BICO Ltd.
So other Mining Lease Holders have also been instructed to make all-out efforts to complete the exploration by 31 March 2019 so that the associated requisites like preparation of Geological Report, DGPS survey of the lease area, finalisation of land schedule can be ensured in time.
This will facilitate in putting these Mineral Blocks into auction prior to 31March 2020 and thereby continuity of the operation of mines can be maintained, said a senior official.
The non-availability of clearance under Forest Clearance Act, 1980 for the whole of Forest area in the lease has been observed to be a major hurdle by the lessees to take up exploration of the said area.
Accordingly it has therefore been decided that the lessees should immediately apply for clearances under F C Act, 1980 for the part of forest area in question, if not done earlier
Wherever the proposal for clearance under FC Act, 1980 is under process, the lessees should submit the necessary compliances, if any and pursue with the concerned authorities for obtaining the clearance at the earliest.
In case of any difficulties, the matter should be brought to the notice of Director of Mines to take up the issue with the Department of Forest & Environment, said sources.
All leaseholders have to re-visit their scheme of prospecting and revise the same within two weeks with the stipulation for completion by 31March, 2019.
The revision of the mining scheme to this effect should be reported to IBM for due approval, said an official.
The exploration of the entire mining lease is expected to be completed by end of 2018 so as to bring the status of exploration to at least G2 level of exploration as per UNFC guidelines.
And after these associated issues are sorted out necessary steps will be taken to put these mines to auction on expiring of validity on 31 March 2020, said a senior official of Director of Mines.

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