Enforcement Lowers Fatality

Attention Boozers! You better not behind the wheels, under influence of alcohol as All Policed Stations in Odisha will have ‘Breath Analyzers’ this year and the State Police has intensified their drive against drunken driving.

As concentrated enforcement efforts taken up by the Transport and Police Authorities have resulted in reduction of fatalities on roads of Odisha, it has been decided to tighten the noose.

So far 254 Breath Analyzers have been provided to the Police Authorities and rest will get in next few months and during this year only.

State Government presented facts to the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety on 10 July, which reflects that out of the Nine Districts of the State, where there was a rise in fatalities in 2017, has come down in Five Districts due to concentration of enforcement actions.

Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi presented the facts in the Apex Court Committee on Road Safety on behalf of the Government of Odisha, said sources.

During 2017, there was increase in fatalities by 7.3 Percent compared to the year 2016. It was observed that, there was rise in fatalities in Nine Districts like Sundargarh, Keonjhar, Khurda, Sambalpur, Balasore, Jajpur, Koraput, Balangir and Mayurbhanj.

However as the Transport and Police Authorities took proactive steps, and due strong enforcement measures fatalities have been reduced by 7 Percent in Five Districts and Mayurbhanj District has recorded reduction of fatalities by more than 24 Percent.

In the State, the powers for compounding Motor Vehicles Offences have been extended to Rural Police Station in April, 2018.
Enforcement against violation of traffic laws have been intensified and during May, 2018, more than 1.10 Lakh persons have been caught driving without helmet.

After delegation of powers to Police, in May, 2018 a total 1.33 Lakh violators have been booked by State Police Personnel.
Monthly Review Meeting is being taken up by Chief Secretary, which has resulted in better coordination between Enforcing Agencies and Road Safety Organizations.

Authorities have suspended more than 6200 Driving Licenses (DL)s in April and May, 2018 for traffic laws violations as against corresponding average 4000 DLs.

Implementation of Highway Patrolling has been approved and in first phase Five Most Vulnerable Stretches of Highways will under scanner of Highway Patrolling, where more than 20 Percent of fatalities occurred.

State Government has identified ‘Black Spots’ on Highways and rectification of all the mistakes are being taken up.

Road Safety Audits of entire stretch of 11,655 Kilometre roads has been completed in the State.

Non-Lapsable Road Safety Fund has been set up in the State and 20 Percent of fines collected from traffic violators is being earmarked in the Budget for Road Safety activities ans Rs.40 Crore has been allotted during 2017-18.

And the State Government has established Solatium Fund with an objective to provide financial assistance of Rs.2 Lakh in Hit and Run Death Cases and Rs.50,000 in case of grievous injury.

In addition to the above Rs.2 Lakh is also paid to the nearest kith and kin in serious road accident from Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, pointed out the senior official.

So the State Government fully committed for taking up Road Safety measures and complying to all the direction of the Apex Court Committee on Road Safety, to further reduce fatalities on roads, said the Chief Secretary.

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