Problems For Panda

After his resignation from the Lok Sabha seat, Baijayant Panda has reasons to be worried.

Though many people in the political circle believe that the four time MP will BJP keeping his close proximity with the saffron leaders in national level, Mr.Panda is not sure whether he could fight Naveen Patnaik’s BJD and Congress at the same time.
This apart, Mr.Panda also knows if very well that his joining the saffron party, may not be taken happily by the present BJP leadership which is mostly run by Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.
The people who do not go by Mr.Pradhan like senior leader Bijay Mohapatra, Dilip Ray are sidelined. Even the leaders like Pratap Sarangi, Suresh Pujari are not getting adequate importance in the party as they deserve.
If Mr.Panda joins the BJP, he has to work with the local level leaders like Basant Panda and others. At the same time he has to toe the line of Mr.Pradhan as being done by many senior leaders like K V Singh Deo and others.
Even as Mr.Panda would get support from the BJP national leaders, he may not get the aspired position in the BJP in the state. This is because, the BJP rank and file in the state may not accept Mr.Panda as their leader, who would join them because of his difference with Naveen Patnaik and his close aide.
Mr.Panda, considered as a high-flying Parliamentarian, has no links with the local media even as his family runs the state’s most popular television channel.
After his resignation, Mr.Panda preferred to give an interview to a national channel and simply preferred to ignore the local media. While he writes op-ed articles for the country’s most widely read English daily, he has little connection with the media persons at the state level.
A correspondent of a national media recently said that he had to phone at least nine persons in order to have a talk with Mr.Panda. Finally, the reporter stopped contacting Mr.Panda while he said that the BJD’s leader in Lok Sabha Bhartuhari Mahatab was reached through telephone any time during the day.
Therefore, Mr.Panda maintains a safe distance from the reporters in Bhubaneswar, may be because OTV has employed many journalists in the state.
Anyway, Mr.Panda has a positive point that he frequently visit his constituency in Kendrapara and his representatives used to meet the people in distress. However, the Kendrapara journalists also could not speak to Mr.Panda directly and they had to take route through the MP’s representatives.
However, as the honeymoon between him and Naveen Patnaik has now over, Mr.Panda will have to chalk out new strategy.
Odisha’s ultra-rich politician,  has to think several times before joining BJP. This is because, Kendrapara has not been in favouring  BJP in the past. On the other hand Congress has wide presence in the Kendrapara Lok Sabha seat.
Of the seven assembly segments under Kendrapara Lok Sabha seat, three are represented by Congress MLAs- Salipur, Rajnagar and Aul.
The BJD has MLAs in four other assembly segments like Kendrapara, Patkura, Mahakalpada and Mahanga.
In the last general elections, Mr.Panda as a BJD candidate has secured 6,1579 (52.72%) votes while Congress candidate got 3,92,466 (34.4%) votes. The BJP candidate got much less votes at 1,18,707 votes which is only 10 per cent.
As such, OPCC President Niranjan Patnaik has also no hesitation to take Mr.Panda into his party.
 However, Mr.Panda’s 18 years political career has been truly non-Congess and his parents were also not Congress supporters. Therefore, he may not feel comfortable to join Congress.
If he goes to BJP, Mr.Panda has to face the opposition from both the BJD and the Congress.
More problem for  Mr.Panda is that he has to win confidence of the BJP people also.
Anyway, time will tell how Mr.Panda settles his political vehicle on the track.

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