Temple Pain For State

Even though Odisha Government has been able to create a history by conducting Asian Athletics Championship within a short span of 90 days, it appeared to have failed to manage Shree Jagannth Temple.

The temple is now being in news for wrong reasons and the government appeared to have no specific plan to address the issues, but to change the mandarins in charge of the shrine.
When a woman devotee is being misbehaved in the temple, a male devotee from some other state has been manhandled, these unsavory incidents are pouring in continiously.
What is happening in Shree Jagannath Temple since the last Nabakalebara Festival in 2015?
The 12th century shrine of Lord Vishnu, is in the news since three years as controversies continues to chase the temple. First, there was gross mismanagement in the rituals of the Lord during the Nabakalebara festival.
Inquiries were held as the servitors continued to create problem and the Brahma material of the Trinity become public.
The next Nabakalebara will be held in 2035 while the previous one was conducted in 1996.  
When the people were yet to forget the mismanagement in the Nabakalebara rituals, the servitors-administration entered into dispute over the rights to climb the chariots and touch the Lord.
The situations become serious and the government continued to change Chief Administrators of Sri Jagannath Temple Administration. This seems easiest job with the State Administration to cover up the problem, which is stubborn and continues as such.
On June 11, the State Government replaced PK Jena as the Chief Administrator by PK Mohapatra.
In fact the anger against the harassment of devotees inside the temple becomes so intense it prompted a lady to move the Supreme Court.
The Apex Court took serious note of alleged exploitation of devotees by 'sevaks' at the temple. The court passed a slew of directions to prevent any such malpractices and mismanagement, just ahead of the annual Rath Jatra next month.
The top court said it is of prime importance that all devotees have hassle-free visits and the offerings made by them are not misused.
It directed the Odisha Government to study the management schemes of other important shrines such as Mata Vaishno Devi in Jammu and Kashmir and other places.
Finally, the issue of Ratna Bhandar mess came to the fore when people have started suspecting whether the ornaments of the Trinity are intact.

The suspicion became intense when the government admitted that keys of the Inner Bhandar were missing.

Now, the State Government has set up a Judicial Commission to probe into the key missing incidents.

However, the political parties have picked up the issue as it is related to religious sentiments of crores of people across the country.

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