80 Yrs Of Budgeting

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said that Odisha Budget over the years has shown to achieve the broader objectives of development and welfare of the people of the State.

While releasing the book ‘80 years of Odisha Budget – A Commemorative Volume’ here today, Mr.Patnaik said that “Budget is the mirror of the Policies of the Governments. The eighty budgets presented since 1936 portray the commitment of the government to take the State on the path of development”, he said. 
Mr.Patnaik said that the process of Budgeting traces journey of the State through the initial phase of turbulent reconstruction to the relative stable time of the present day. 
Chief Minister said the total expenditure summing up to Rs. 1.77 crore, the budget of 1936-37 was a baby step towards transforming the socio-economic condition of the new province.
Over the eighty years this has risen at a compound annual rate of 15 Percent to a six digit budget of Rs. 1,06,910 crore for the year 2017-18.
In 2018-19, it has reached Rs. 1,20,028 crore, he said adding that over the years budget has shown the broader objective of development and welfare of the people of the State. 
Pointing out to the State Government’s focused attention to agriculture sector, he said while a separate Agriculture Budget was presented in 2013-14, the separate Agriculture Cabinet was formed in 2016.
 “Nutrition sensitive agricultural interventions were brought into improved agricultural practices, he said. 
Over the years, the State has made significant progress  in education, health and infrastructure sectors.
Successive governments have shown their commitment to address the developmental challenges, he said adding that eighty years is a long and phenomenal journey for the State. 
Even as many milestones have been achieved during the period, there is a growing aspiration among the people and keeping this in view, constant efforts should be made from all stakeholders to work together for a better future, he said.
Speaking about the compilation, he said it is a unique publication that provides glimpse into the rich history of Odisha and it presents a record of its changing socio-economic, political and cultural landscape through the lens of budget. 
This compilation, which will be a useful document for the scholars, researchers and policy makers, is an effort to present the journey of Odisha through these eighty years in facts, figures and pictorial representation. Odisha is the first State to bring out such a compilation, he said. 
Speaking on the occasion, Odisha Legislative Assembly  Speaker Pradip Kumar Amat, Leader of the Opposition Narasingha Mishra and Finance Minister Sashi Bhusan Behera lauded the effort and the development initiatives of the State Government. 
The Deputy Speaker of OLA, Members of the Council of Ministers, MPs, MLAs, Development Commissioner and Principal Secretary Fiance were among others present during the occasion. 

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