Pact For Weather Alert

Odisha Government will soon sign an MoU with Earth Network Inc  (EN) of USA  to obtain better weather alerts.

This arrangment is taken up so that deaths due to lightening and other weather related hazards could be reduced.

Official sources said EN and OSDMA will collaborate on reducing deaths caused due to lightning and severe weather in the state.

Both will enter into a contract on June 13 to provide severe weather alerting to the people based on the data that EN generates through its network of sensors in Odisha.

EN has developed a lightning detection technology that detects a large proportion of In-cloud (IC) and Cloud-to-Ground (CG) lightning.

This data is utilized to enhance weather forecasts and enable Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, PulseRad and other derivative products used for weather forecasting and severe weather nowcasting.

EN also has other related products including weather stations and a Green House Gas network, said sources.

The State Government has taken this step keeping in view the rise in number of deaths in State due to lightening. 

Meanwhile, three spectators of a hockey math were killed and two others were injured when lightning struck a tree shortly after the match was abandoned due to rains in Sundargarh district yesterday, police said.

The five were among hundreds of people who had gathered to watch the local hockey match at Sagbahal under Talsara police station area.

The match was half way through when it started to rain and it was called off.

Several people, including the five victims, took shelter under a banyan tree that was struck by lightning, police said.

While three persons, including two brothers, were declared brought dead at hospital, two others were admitted there in a serious condition, Police said.

Lightning has turned out to be a major disaster for the State, which is known as 'Disaster Zone' of the Country.

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