Jagamohan Opens

Now the devotees will have near darshan of Trinity, thanks to the intervention of the Orissa High Court, the Jagamohan, prayer hall, of the Lord Jagannath Shrine was opened today after several months.

Delighted and excited devotees thronged the 12th Century Shrine to get much closer view of the Trinity today.

Jagamoahan was closed since 28 January, 2016  for repairing work being undertaken by Archeological Survey of India (ASI).

Even as the Jagamohan was opened today by orders of Orissa High Court, some of the servitors delayed the process by staging protest demanding the area to be accessed by all servitors which has been restricted by orders of the High Court.

The High Court in its order, has proscribed all servitors except those having ritualistic duty to enter this area of the temple.

 In spite of the order, a group of servitors insisted on entering the Jagamoaha violating the order.

After a prolonged discussion with the District Administration and Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) , the agitating servitors agreed to cooperate and allowed the rituals to take place.

However, hundreds of devotees coming from far flung areas had to return without getting a glimpse of the deities due to delay.
They blamed it on the unscrupulous servitors and the Temple Management as well for this mismanagement.

 “When there is unambiguous order from the High Court, what prevented the temple administration to bring order inside the temple. We are going back without having darshan of the Trinities”, said an ardent devotee.
Speaking about the delay due to chaos, District Collector Arvind Agarwal said whenever a new rule is to be implemented such things do happen; however the matter has been resolved and the Jagamoahan was left open for the devotees.                
The new arrangement regulated by the High Court order will not only facilitate devotees to have hassle-free Darshan of the Triities, it will bring discipline in the Sanctum Sanctorum, which has been forbidden for the devotees.

The ASI had informed the High Court about completion of the repairs in the Jagamohan.
The devotees were allowed inside after the Sri Jagannath Temple Administration sought a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the ASI.

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