Centre Eludes Artisans

While there are more than 1.5 Lakh Handicraft Artisans in the State, Inclusive Developmental Plans are not being formulated for the artisans, who need State Support, which is available for other similar Sectors.

Looking into the requirement of the Handicraft Artisans, the Government of Odisha has decided to go for a Detailed Census on these Artisans, which is needed as there is hardly any Data Base of these People, admit officials of the Department of Handlooms, Textiles and Handicrafts (DoHTH).

Accordingly a Proposal was sent to Ministry of Textiles for approving such Census, which is required for Preparing an Inclusive Developmental Plan for the Artisans.

However, the Proposal is yet to be approved by MoT, for which Census could not be conducted, admits official.

Similarly, it was proposed to issue Identity Cards to the Handicraft Artisans and Development Commissioner Handicrafts was approached by the DoHTH.

This initiative was to cover the entire Handicraft Artisan Community spread over the State.

While the Handicraft Artisans are visiting several States and Union Territories during National and International Handicraft Exhibitions, during those Events, the Identity Card will come handy for their Identification.

MoT was to issue the Identity Cards and several Members of Parliament have approached the Union Government in this regard.

Setting up of a Craft Village at Sukhuapada-Lalitgiri was proposed by the State Government in interest of the Artisans and Visiting Tourists.

Lalitgiri is a famous International Tourist Centre and setting up of a Craft Village on the lines of Raghurajpur will go a long way promoting Handicraft and Tourism in the State.

Sukhuapada-Lalitgiri is famous for Stone Carving Cluster, which falls in the International Buddhist Circuit.

Lalitgiri and Sukhuapada are adjacent to each other and is emerging as a major tourist centre with focus on Lalitgiri Museum set up by Archeological Survey of India.

Peoples’ Representatives have been pressing the matter for quite some time, however, MoT is yet to take a call on the matter, said sources.
Another proposal pending with MoT is for Reintroduction of 10 Percent Rebate on Handloom Fabrics.

Due to various reasons, Handloom Fabrics face stiff competition for Marketing. And there is a mindset among the customers of handloom products to avail rebate as during past in many occasions.

Government of India was implementing Scheme to allow 10 Percent Rebate on sale of handloom cloth, which has been discontinued since 2008-09.

State Government feels that Reintroduction of 10 Percent Rebate on Handloom Products will boost marketing and help in providing continuous job opportunities to the weavers.

Accordingly a proposal has been sent to MoT for Reintroduction of Rebate, which will boost marketability of Handloom Cloths and other Products.

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