Corporate Shy For Clean

Most of the Corporate Sector in Odisha is reluctant to provide funding for Clean India Mission, resulting in desired outcomes in Swacchta Abhiyan in Urban Zones are not being achieved in the State, admit officials.

While Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) is the Flagship Program of the Union Government, Corporate Majors are not taking interest to spend their CSR Funds in the Program implemented in Urban Areas of the State.

Though the New Act of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) encourages the Corporate Sector to spend their CSR Funds in the areas, where they operate, in absence of mandatory spending of CSR Funds in Swachhata Abhiyan is coming as a hindrance, admit officials.

Accordingly, the State Government has approached the Union Government to ask the Corporate Sector to contribute a fixed amount of their CSR Fund for Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) activities, especially in Urban Areas of the State.

While the most important objective of the SBM is to end Open Defecation and in order to achieve the objective, construction of toilets is the best way forward to achieve the desired outcome.

However much funds flow is not there in Individual Household Toilets, Community and Public Toilets, resulting incomplete projects, targets are not being achieved and the Mission Achievement is jeopardized.

For example, a total 3,78, 595 Individual Toilets were to be set up in Odisha during the Mission Period. But efforts of the State Government are not reflected in results for several reasons.

One of those is the amount of incentive given to people for Individual Toilet, which is Rs.10, 000 in Urban Areas, and Rs.12,000 in Rural Areas.

There is a demand to equalize the Incentive for both Urban and Rural Zones. 
Ministry of Urban Development is needed to take a call in this regard.

Similarly, for Community Toilets and Public toilets, construction cost of each one is estimated at Rs.98,000, where as experience shows the cost is going up to Rs.2.3 Lakh for a Community or Public Toilet.

So majority of these project are left unfinished and desired results are not achieved, admit officials.

For this purpose cost of construction of the Community and Public Toilet is needed to be increased and at least 75 Percent of the cost should be borne by the Union Government, urged the Odisha Government, said sources.

MoUD is needed to take a final decision in this regard as soon as possible looking at the Mission Target, pointed out a senior official in the Department of Housing & Urban Development.

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