Awareness For Heat Wave

Special Relief Commissioner Bishnupada Sethi said that heat wave conditions prevail in State between March and May months while in cases it has been experienced till June.

SRC Mr.Sethi said that the Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi today advised officials to create awareness on preventive measures to beat heat wave condition during the summer this year.

Reviewing the preparedness of different departments for possible heat wave conditions, Mr.Padhi the campaigns should be extensive.
Mr.Padhi directed the officials to remain pepared for emergency situation and involve people’s representatives and voluntary organizations.

Mr.Padhi suggested advance warning, drinking water facility, health care provision during the summer months to prevent any casualty.

He also asked the officials to make water arrangement for domesticated and wild animals.

He said more watersheds should be set up in collaboration with voluntary organizations also.

Mr.Padhi laid emphasis on arrangement for more ORS packets in hospitals and round the clock facility for treatment of heatstroke victims.

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