Leaders Questions Sandhya

Congress Veteran Sarat Rout has questioned the authority of the party’s Chairperson of Disciplinary Committee Sandhya Mohapatra for her announcement over continuance of Prasad Harichandan as PCC President.

Mr. Rout said  “Congress President Rahul Gandhi will take the decision on who will be the OPCC Chief and how long the person will occupy the office. No one else has the right to speak on that,”.
With such utterances in public, this has brought to the fore the internal squabble in the party.
A day after Sandhya Mohapatra’s claim that AICC has turned down the resignation offer of Prasad Harichandan and wants him to lead the party during the 2019 elections in State, Mr.Rout questioned her authority for making such statements.
Mr.Rout also wondered as to how the AICC decision was conveyed only to Sandhya Devi and no other leader was aware about such major decision.
Ms.Mohapatra said Mr.Rout knows better from where Chairperson of PCC Disciplinary Committee draws authority.
She pointed out as there was indiscipline in PCC; so she wanted to clear the air with factual points.
Ms.Mohapatra said that “however if any party member tries to violate the party discipline they will have to face music”.
Congress Veteran Ananta Prasad Sethi has also questioned Sandhya Devi's authority to speak on continuance of Mr.Harichandan.
Congress Legislative Party Chief Whip Tara Prasad Bahinipati said decison will be taken after 15 March and nothing concrete has come till date on PCC Chief change.
However, he maintained that PCC Chief will be changed.
In the meantime, Odisha  Student Congress President  Itish Pradhan said it is high time that the PCC Chief should be shown the door.
If he continues the same fate of Congress candidates will be in all 147 seats of Odisha Legislative Assembly like Bijepur.
Congress Veteran Suresh Routray said “no hooliganism will be tolerated in PCC Office as some of the anti-Prasad elements tried to create scene at Congress Bhawan today.

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