Nayak Moves Administration

Finally the efforts of Odisha’s ‘Mountain Man’ Jalandhar Nayak has paid dividends.

Mr.Nayak, was the man who started constructing a road from his village to the school where the children of his locality were studying.
Kandhamal District Collector Brundha D today called Mr.Nayak, a resident of Gumisahi village under Tudipaju Grama Panchayat in the district, to her office and assured him to provide different government benefits.
“I was impressed by Mr.Nayak’s noble deed and dream to carve a road through the mountain. I met him today. He will be given payment under MGNRES scheme for all the days he has worked.  I have also directed the BDO to engage some more labourers and complete the road work soon,” Ms.Brunda  told a television channel..
The district administration is also considering to felicitate Mr.Nayak during the Kandhamal Utshav, the collector said.
Phulbani BDO Subrat Jena informed that a bank account in Jalandhar Nayak’s name has already been opened and a job card has also been issued to him. Mr.Nayak will also get a job card, he said.
Nayak said that the district collector has assured him to construct a road.
It is not the story of a Manjhi, the Mountain Man. It is the real life story of Jalandhar Nayak.
While there are some cases where the whole government machinery finds it difficult to build roads on land, Jalandhar is the one-man-machine which has already scraped two mountains to build 5-6 kms road for his family at Gumi village under Tudipaju Panchayat.
He used a crowbar, pickaxe and grub hoe plus tenacity and determination to succeed in his endeavour.
Driven by this need to build roads and equally stirred by the spectre of no government intervention, Jalandhar began his mission one and a half months back. He has already completed 5-6 kms road and seems undeterred till he reaches Sudrubali, which is 15-kms from his house.
We have been staying here since long. But we don’t have water, road connectivity and other facilities. That is the reason why I want to build this road,” said Jalandhar.
Jalandhar’s family is the lone family of Gumi village as others have already relocated. Jalandhar’s three sons are studying in an ashram school while his wife and his father live with him.

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