Mission Grass Root Level Contact (MGRLC) Meetings
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Gopals are the grass root level functionaries of JK Trust GVY and they are the interface between the farmers and the Organization. It is very important to maintain the direct contact with the Gopals which is routinely being done by our Monitoring staff. However, in order to strengthen this contact, motivate them and to resolve operational issues on the spot, JK Trust has been organising programmes with these grass root workers (Gopals) at regular intervals and in different locations covering all operational districts. This is attended by the senior officers including Regional Director and State Project Manager who have interface with Gopals on different aspects of their operation and encourage them to actively get involved in their activities in a mission mode.

Gopals were given opportunities to express their view points about the on-going CBIP programme and any operational problem they have been facing. Whereas the 1st phase programs were conducted in July and August 2012, the 2nd and 3rd phase programs were organized in Jan. – Feb. 2013 and Nov—Dec 2013 respectively. Best Gopals from each district are selected based on their performance and prizes are distributed among them. Gopals have appreciated this initiative and demanded more such interactions. The concerned CDVOs and BVOs also attend the programs and encourage Gopals for doing AI and other services at the ILD Centres.