Fodder Cultivation
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Cattle and buffalos require good feed and nutrients for reproduction and milk production. Pregnant, lactating and young animals also need sufficient nutrients. Considering that fodder cultivation is a necessary activity for dairy development, JK Trust has started promoting fodder cultivation for which seeds of maize and root / slips of hybrid Napier is supplied to the interested farmers who have requisite facilities for fodder cultivation. Exposure visits are organised for Gopals and Monitoring Officers to the Govt. Fodder Farms so as to update their knowledge in fodder cultivation so that they can guide the farmers for the activity.

Napier Fodder Cultivated by Our Gopal. Fodder
MO visit to the fodder plot. Developed OATT Fodder plot.
Jowar Fodder Cultivation Fodder developed at Cuttack district.
Growing Stage of Fodder Plant. Fodder Root sleep distributed by MO.
Fodder cultivation by a Lady farmer. Type of Fodder is Millet
Millet type Fodder cultivation Azola
Hatia Hatia