Awareness Programmes
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Extension Activities and IEC Measures:
The operational areas of JK Trust are located in the remote and difficult pockets of the districts where public awareness for cattle and buffalo breeding is still lacking. JK Trust has been focusing on organising extension meetings and contacting the farmers at their door steps to generate awareness about Artificial Insemination and other veterinary support services. These meetings are attended by Monitoring Officers of the Trust along with Govt. officials who discuss with the villagers about the program and its benefits.

Till April 2017, more than 7000 farmers’ awareness meetings and Film Shows have been conducted. Besides, various extension activities are taken up in convergence with the Line Departments. Our Monitoring Officers also attend various Govt. Programmes to share about the program benefits. For effective result, an innovative step was initiated to contact the farmers one to one. More than 40000 farmers have been contacted in last 9 months up to Mar. 2017. Cowherd boys are sensitized about breeding. “Samrudhi”, a film specially developed by JK Trust on dairy development through AI, fodder cultivation, livestock management and other veterinary services is shown to the farmers in village meetings.

To give boost to our efforts in generating awareness in the remote pockets, multiple mode of communications are used. We have developed IEC Materials like Pamphlet, Door Stickers, Extension Calendars, Calf Photo Album and Wall Paintings which are attracting public attention towards the program:

  • Door Stickers- Door stickers containing the name and mobile no. of the Gopals have been pasted on the main / entry doors of the farmers having breedablepopulation. It also contains the name of Supervisors with their contact details.



  • Extension Calendars- Extension calendars are usedby Gopals for effective communication with the rural mass. This contains various subject matters related to breeding, nutrition and livestock management with attractive photographs. Monitoring Officers also use it during extension meetings.



  • Calf Photo Album- Each Gopal has been provided with an album which contains calf photographs of various breeds produced by JK Trust in Odisha through Artificial Insemination. This facilitates the farmers to opt for the breeds of the calves of their likeness.



  • Wall Painting- Wall Painting- Wall paintings have been taken up to give message to the community regarding AI and its benefits. We have developed 3 wall paintings in each ILDCentre and the public response so far has been found to be very good.



Calf Verification by MO 1 to 1 Contact by MO in Cuttack district
L&T Borrowers meeting conducted by MO. Farmers meeting taken by MOin Cuttack
Meeting with L&T Borrowers in Cuttack district Contact with farmers and L&T Borrowers in Bhadrak
One to One Farmers Contact by MO in Bhadrak. AI crosscheck by MO in Jajpur district
Calf verification by Dy.SPMMr. Tulasi Das Calf Verification by BVO.
Extension meeting with farmers. Farmers Meeting