Corona Graph On Rise

India may cross one lakh mark and Odisha may touch one thousand mark within one or two weeks so far as confirmed Covid-19 positive cases are concerned. At present India finds its place within top 20 among the 212 corona affected countries. The manner in which corona graph is moving upwards India may leave China far behind within few days.

First corona positive case was detected in India on 30 January 2020. By the end of March detected corona positive case in the country reached 1397 with 35 death toll. At the end of last April number of corona positive cases reached 33,062 mark in India with death toll of 1079. However as per official data as on mid-day of 10th May atleast 62,939 corona positive cases are detected in the country and at this point of time death toll was recorded as 2,109.

As on mid-night of 9 May at least 23.89 lakh corona patients are under treatment in different countries whereas such figure was 41,472 in India. It is pertinent to mention here that till date more than 14.51 lakh patients are discharged from hospitals after declared cured. Though no specific medicine is discovered to treat corona, in India atleast 19,500 patients are treated successfully.

In the last month India’s position was at 29 and now it reached 14th position in the record of corona positive cases. Similarly among other states Odisha is at 17th position as on today. In view of sharp rise of corona positive cases Odisha may change its position by the end of this month.

First corona positive case was detected in Odisha on 15 March whereas number of confirmed cases reached 60 as on 15 April. As on 25 April Odisha recorded 94 corona positive cases which jumped to 184 as on 6 May. Such figure rose to 294 on 9 May whereas it increased to 377 as on 10 May evening. If such trend continuous number of identified corona positive cases in this state will cross one thousand mark within a week or two. However as good number of new positive cases are detected in quarantine centers the chances of community spreading of such dreaded virus is remote. As such cases are identified at the earliest it may be a blessings in disguise.

As on 10 May 2020 Pakistan finds its place at 20 position in the world with 29,500 identified corona positive cases and USA is at the top with 13.48 lakh of such cases. Spain occupies 2nd position with 2.65 lakh confirm cases followed by Itally, U.K. and Russia who have crossed two lakh marks. France, Germany, Brazil, Turkey & Iran are in the group of one lakh to two lakh corona confirmed cases. China, the mother land of Covid-19 finds its place at 11th position with 82,901 detected cases. India being at 14th position with more than 63,000 confirmed cases is in rising spree whereas Pakistan in the 20th position is able to detect about 30,000 confirmed cases so far and such figure may rise fast in future.

It is pertinent to mention here that Covid-19 was first detected in China in November-December 2019 and as on 22 January 2020 in different countries of the world only 580 confirmed corona cases with 17 death were recorded. Such figure jumped to 1,18,950 and 4297 respectively as on 10 March. By 16 March graph of Covid-19 positive cases reached 5,32,887 mark with death toll of 24,691 and thereafter as on 17 April confirmed cases touched 22,49,004 and death toll reached 1,56,218 mark.

Because corona is spreading its spikes very fast as on 1 May number of corona positive cases in different countries rose to 33,94,153 with death toll of 2,39,497. As on 8th May such figure crossed 40 lakh and 2.75 lakh respectively. Because of massive screening and test conducted in atleast 212 counties as on mid-day of 10 May identified corona positive cases increased to 41,21,818 and by this time this dreaded virus has taken atleast 2.81 lakh human lives.

So far corona has taken more than 80,000 heads in USA whereas such figure is 31,583 in UK, 30,395 in Italy, 26,621 in Spain, 26,310 in France, 10,656 in Brazil, 7,549 in Germany and 6,589 in Iran. Countries like Belgium, Russia, Japan are also adversely affected.

Scientists busy in the corona research field are apprehending that till mid July there will be no respite from such dreaded virus. They are also not ruling out reappearance of this disease in last part of the year.

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