Panchayatiraj In Mo Sarkar

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik asserted that the Mo Sarkar initiative of his Government will bring about real transformation with a positive behavioural change and professional approach.

Speaking at the inclusion of Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water Department under the initiative here he said it will be a game changer for 83 percent of Sate's population who are staying in rural areas.

“I am confident that Panchayati Raj Department will implement this initiative with the highest level of commitment, sincerity and professionalism," Patnaik said.
Chief Minister Mr.Patnaik said the Block Office is the pivot of administration in rural areas and the ‘Mo Sarkar’ will be a game changer for 83 percent of Sate's population who are staying in rural areas.

Mr.Patnaik said, "The Panchayati Raj Department is running some of the most important flagship programmes of the State Government.

“I am glad that since 2014, the department has successfully completed nearly 25 lakh houses, and has taken great strides in fulfilling the dream of providing pucca houses to all eligible families. It has also taken up pipe water supply projects covering 65 percent of population, and aims to saturate all habitations by 2024,” he said.

The Department has also achieved ODF status for the State, he added.

“The initiative to reduce distress migration by offering 100 extra days of work with enhanced wage rate is also an ambitious programme with far reaching impact,” the Chief Minister asserted.

“Mo Sarkar’ is an initiative to bring about professionalism, behavioural changes among public servants supported by a mechanism of direct random feedback, he said adding, “The Block Office is the pivot of administration in rural areas. It is the most important link between the Government and rural people as most of the government programmes, especially benefits, pass through this office.”

Minister Pratap Jena said that the Department is committed to fulfil all the promises made to people in rural areas.

Housing, Drinking Water, MGNREGA and all other flagship programmes will be effectively implemented for the benefit of the people, he said and added, “The dream of Biju Babu for pucca house for every family will be ensured.”

Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy said for the rural people, Block is the Government.

All the benefits of Government programmes reach them through the Blocks and hence this is a very important department that can change the face of rural life.

“Mo Sarkar will be a transformative mechanism in this direction,” Mr.Tripathy added.

5-T Secretary VK Pandian interacted with BDOs of many Blocks including Kantabanji, Junagarh, Pattangi, Subteka, Rajgangpur, Patkura, Athamallick and some other Blocks.

During the interaction, Mr.Pandian said that the training program for the officers has been very excellent.

“The officers are well aware of the provisions of the initiatives,” he added.

Mr.Pandian also said the feedback on the work on rural housing is also very good and all the entitlement certificates will be given to rural people on a camp mode, he further added.

Principal Secretary PR & DW DRK Singh elaborated the efforts taken by the Department for effective implementation of the Mo Sarkar.

A short video on the activities of the department was screened during the function.

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