BMC Seeks Opinion

Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of BSCL and Commissioner BMC Prem Chandra Chaudhary urged upon citizens of Bhubaneswar cutting across all age groups and gender to come forward and participate in “Citizen Perception Survey” in large numbers and ensure that Bhubaneswar would emerge as a fore runner among the Smart Cities of India.

Mr.Chaudhury said as part of the Ease of Living Index Assessment, a Citizen Perception Survey is being conducted on behalf of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) to rate the respective Smart Cities in order to know the quality of life of its citizens.

In order to facilitate awareness among the citizens of the Temple City, which has already got the distinction of topping the Smart City Challenge in the past, Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) and Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) today held a press conference.

CEO BSCL and Commissioner BMC, Mr.Chaudhary urged the public to go for the Citizens Perception Survey and rate the city as it has a plethora of services which are of the best quality across the nation.

This could help a city gain its ease of living (EOL) status and a citizen can administer it both online and offline, said he.

The survey, which has already started on 1 February will continue till 29 February and a citizen can go and click at the link to submit his/her ratings.

During the process the citizen has to fill his/her name, phone number and click one of the several answers given in the choice to rate their city’s facilities and services.

The All-India EOL survey, which is to be implemented across all 100 Smart Cities will ultimately map how our city stands as a urban settlement to provide a decent quality of life for all.

In fact in this regard BMC has already published an advertisement in newspapers in which a QR code has already been given Smart phone users, by scanning the QR code can directly open the interface on their phones and participate in the rating mechanism.

Either clicking through the link or scanning the QR code published in the newspapers a citizen can record their responses on questions on various parameters such as education, health, cleanliness, garbage collection, drinking water, water logging, rental housing, commutation, women safety, emergency services, livelihood opportunities, recreational facilities, cost of living, financial services, air quality, green cover, electricity supply etc.

It can be mentioned here that already BSCL and BMC have taken a series of measures on all the above mentioned parameters/areas to make our own city a better place to live, help entrepreneurs to grow and let people enjoy a better life with their families.

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