Urban In Mo Sarkar

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Friday asserted that one of the basic objectives of Mo Sarkar is to make every public servant understand that the Citizen is the Master.

“The public Servant is here to serve the citizens. There should be a conviction on this vision. So I would like to ask every public servant to treat the citizens with dignity,” he said formally announcing inclusion of the Housing & Urban Development under the ‘Mo Sarkar’ initiative at a simple ceremony in Lok Seva Bhawan here.

“I am glad that our initiative to bring all the departments under Mo Sarkar by March 31 this year is catching up momentum.  And in this sequence, I am glad that the Housing and Urban Development Department is coming under Mo Sarkar initiative today,” he said.

The Chief Minister said considering the rapid urbanization and the growing demand for modern infrastructure for providing efficient amenities, this is one of the most important wings of the government.

“I am happy that we are moving in the right direction in making both modern and humane provisions for the general public,” he added.
Mr.Patnaik said while the State Government is set to provide quality drinking water to all the households in urban areas of the State, it is also providing basic rights to urban poor through Jaga Mission.

“Jaga Mission recently received World Habitat Award for providing land rights to more than 50 thousand urban poor families. The Drink From Tap Mission in Bhubaneswar is one of the most promising initiatives in the State taken up by this department,” he said.

He lauded the department saying it is fully prepared to function under Mo Sarkar.

“Necessary Capacity Building, technology up-gradation and awareness efforts have been taken up.  I believe the department is fully prepared with complete alignment to mo Sarkar objectives,” the Chief Minister said.

He said he was sure that the Department would very successfully implement the Mo Sarkar Program and fulfill people’s aspirations.”

Speaking on the occasion, H & UD Minister Pratap Jena said his Department is fully prepared to take up the challenges of providing better services to people under Mo Sarkar.

The H&UD Department has already opened Mo Sarkar Cells to facilitate the provisions of the initiative, Jena said.
Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy said that providing services to people in urban areas is an onerous responsibility.

“Particularly, the areas of Building Plan, Holding Tax and Water connection are very critical in nature.  Appreciating the preparedness of the Department, he said it is both an opportunity as well as a challenge,” he said adding the Department will achieve the desired results.

5T Secretary V Karthikeya  Pandian interacted with the Executive Officers of several Municipalities and NACs to assess the understanding of the officials on Mo Sarkar.

Mr.Pandian asked questions on Mo Sarkar to Executive Officers of Patnagarh, Rairangpur, Bonei, Rajgangpur, Athamallick, Talcher, Jeypore and Kabisuryanagar. 

He appreciated that most of the officers have quite significant awareness on Mo Sarkar.  He advised the officials that there should be no harassment of any citizen coming for any service to any public office.

H & UD Principal Secretary G Mathivathan informed about the preparedness of his Department for Mo Sarkar.

He said that there has been enough preparation for capacity building of the officers to carry out Mo Sarkar provisions.

As many as 500 officials from 343 offices were imparted orientation training for the purpose, he said and added, there has been technology upgradation with exclusive web application for collection and dissemination of citizen information.

The Department will fully committed to ensure maximum citizen satisfaction, Mr. Mathivathan said.

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