Dhal Pension For Cancer Care

Veteran Mandarin Gagan Kumar Dhal has resigned from the Indian Administrative Service taking Voluntary Retirement Route.

1985 Batch IAS, Mr. Dhal, known to be one of the finest Developmental Administrators had an overwhelming grip on the developmental ideas with thrust on the poor and common men.

In his long span of service Mr.Dhal had headed many crucial developmental, social and infrastructures in the State Government.

He sincerely defended the interest of the common people with sheer commitment, straightforwardness, honestly and diligently.

The most emphatic stamp of his commitment to the deprived was evident as an I A S Probationer in Koraput, when he acquitted two extremely poor people of the charge of stealing under section 379 of I P C, despite the availability of strong evidence with his observation in his judgement that “poverty is a bigger crime; and poverty has driven these innocent young people to commit the crime”, which became a talk in the Judicial and Administrative circles. 

The Legendary Statesman Biju Patnaik loved his pro-poor approach and publicly praised him for his good work.
Biju Babu overwhelmingly praised his creativity in a Collectors' Conference and in fact he had a special likeness for him for whom Mr.Dhal attributes his success.

He was credited to have halted the spread of Maoist Movement to the state for almost half a decade in Malkangiri, standing like a wall in the mid 1990’s through the most aggressive and far sighted developmental programs.

Biju Babu as the then Chief Minister said it in way back 1994 as the ‘new promise of tomorrow’s Odisha’.

He, during his stint as Collector, Malkangiri implementing developmental ideas and programs to take development to new heights, which was described by P Sainath, a Magasasay award winner, in his international award winning book ‘ Everyone Loves A Good Drought’ as the ‘Most Energetic and Visionary Administrator’.

 As Sub Collector, Bariparda, to at the peak of the Jharkhand agitation Mr.Dhal started  ‘Olchiki Glory’ project  for the first time in official buildings he used Olchiki language which was demand of Tribals.

During his stint in Kalahandi in 1992 he started unique village level empowerment and officially registered hundreds of village registered youth organisations for resource mobilisations and sustainable development. 

As District Collector, Malkangiri, he physically lived with the Bonda Tribes in his Official Residence to experience their issues first hand, unique, in a highly regimented bureaucratic framework. The then Chief Minister Biju Patnaik appreciated his efforts for poor people. 

Some of his unique ideas such as Bondo Kusanskar Mukti Abhijan, ‘live with Collector to learn’, Disari Doctor Project, Adibasi Bank, Mahilanku Gotia pada aage, Sesame swatantra arthaniti, women in the district lead, special evening vision, Yuba Awhan, zilla sakti aneswa, krushi aama jantra kendra gram daande, elimination of child marriage among triblas, elimination of homicide, withdrawal of scores of minor judicial cases against the common people to win over them, and many others introduced new dynamism to developmental programmes in the district to fight Maoism.

For example, the Bondo Kusanskar Mukti Abhijan for the most primitive Bondo community; a fight for the primitive tribe to develop and free them from the clutch of century old superstitious practices by introducing many radical social reforms which resulted in a dramatic social transformation of the community.

The ‘new age school’ for Bondo children built in 1996 and designed by a famous architect keeping in view the special needs of the tribal children with all the school going children hundreds of Bondo children crowding the school, being dedicated
to the indomitable ‘Human Spirit’ today stands as a tall testimony to the   empowerment of Bondo tribes. 

Mr Dhal was one of the activists of the relief and rehabilitation work in the Super cyclone, 1999 and relentlessly worked in relief and rehabilitation during one of the most difficult times of the State.

During his stint in Sambalpur as RDC, the second wave of industrialization had started in the State in 2002 and Mr Dhal pursued land acquisition with a balanced approach to the people’s right.

As School and Mass Education Secretary in 2005, of many initiatives, a special record was created to give employment to 27000 teachers in one day by holding special ceremonies in all the 30 district head quarters in the independence day celebration style being attended by the Chief Minister and all the Ministers. The Prime Minister’ s excellence award for E School ‘ SISHU’ for the state was achieved during his time as School and Mass Education Secretary.

As Principal Secretary Tourism, Mr.Dhal was instrumental in formulating an attractive Tourism Policy, much better than several advance states of the country.

As Principal Secretary Higher Education, he worked relentlessly to implement the State Government decisions for establishment of six universities, brining examination reforms, introduction of CBSE, increasing massive grants to the universities and colleges, e- valuation, stabilising e- admission, increasing seats in the govt institutions, free laptop distribution, self defence for girls, increasing scholarships multi fold are some of his best achievements.

Mr Dhal obtained a Doctorate from the University of London. He was the Best Navy NCC cadet of the Odisha State and represented the State of Odisha in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi in 1979. He mounted the CHULU WEST with 6419 meters height in Nepal as a Member of the University Team in the U K .

Mr Dhal will donate his entire pension and pensionary benefits in favour of the World Cancer Research Institute, for which he has started arrangements as per wishes of his father and mother as his tribute to his   mother who passed away recently.  

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