State Gets 45 Special Courts

Odisha will get 45 Fast Track Special Courts (FSTC) for Expeditious Trail and Disposal of rape and sexual offences against child in a time bound manner.

Union Government has allowed the State Government to establish 45 FSTCs in Odisha, looking at the pending rape and POCSO cases, said a senior official in the Government.

Ministry of Law and Justice has informed that setting up of Fast Track Special Courts for expeditious trial of Rape and Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act is implemented in the country.

While more than 1.60 Lakh POCSO cases are pending for trial in the country, at least 8,731 cases of sexual offences against child are pending in Odisha, officials sources said.

Under the Scheme at least 1023 FSTCs are being set up in the country in order to dispose of the pending cases in a time bound manner, out of which 45 FSTCs will be set up in Odisha.

Out of these 45 FSTCs, as per direction of the Supreme Court of India 22 Courts will be exclusively designated as POCSO Act Courts, said official sources

 And the rest 23 Courts will deal with rape cases along with POCSO cases whenever and wherever felt necessary, said the official.

Apex Court has directed that in each of the district of the country, where more than 100 cases are pending under POCSO Act, a Designated Special Court will be established, which will make trial only the cases of sexual offences against child.

Taking the POCSO pending in the Courts, Union Government has allowed these FSTCs for speedy trial of those cases, sources said.

This special scheme will operate for one year and spread over two financial years (2019-20 to 2020-21).

While for setting up of 45 Fast Track Special Courts cost will be Rs.33.75 Crore Per Annum, out of which Union Government will provide Rs.20.25 Crore, 60 Percent of the total cost. State Government will bear the State Share of 40 Percent of Rs.13.50 Crore, officials say.

Timely and effective implementation of the program will result in clearing the rape and POCSO cases in a time bound manner.

Sources said that Government of India is requesting the State Government to start the Courts on or before 2 October, Gandhi Jayanti Day.

Accordingly efforts are needed to be expedited, so that functioning of these Special Courts can be assured, said he.

Ministry of Law and Justice is extending all out support for this new initiative, so that Courts will be able to function as early as possible, sources said.  

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