Plea For MV Act Change

Governing BJD said the State Government will approach the Centre for bringing amendments in the new motor vehicles rules in view of resentment among people over its implementation.

BJD Spokesperson Pratap Kesari Deb said the State Government will write to the centre seeking some amendments in the act.
Commerce &  Transport Minister Padmanabha Behera echoing BJD Veteran said the state can further relax norms, if necessary.
The statements have come a day after a violent clash between a group of people protesting collection of "hefty" fines on violators of traffic rules and police in the state capital left several persons injured on Saturday.
The state Government, bowing to public outcry against heavy penalties for traffic rule violation, has on Friday announced relaxation for a month in the norms of air and noise pollution under the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019.
Minister Mr.Behera said further relaxation can be provided keeping in view the difficulty faced by the people as the state has discretionary powers.

"A proposal will be sent to the Central Government for bringing amendments in the act highlighting the concerns voiced by the people about its implementation," BJD
 Lawmaker said.
Blaming the State Government over the manner in which the revised traffic rules are being implemented, opposition BJP and Congress pointed out that states like Rajasthan, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh have sought more time to implement the revised penalties under the new Act.
Senior Congress Lawmaker Suresh Kumar Routray accused the State Government of having implemented the new law in a hurry without making the people aware and giving them proper orientation and sensitization.
He further alleged that poor people are being harassed while 90 per cent of the vehicles of the State Police lack valid documents.
Echoing him BJP General Secretary Prithviraj Harichandan said common people are being harassed and exploited in the name of imposing penalties for traffic rule violation.
The Parliament had passed the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019 on July 31 with provisions for stricter and heavier penalties for violations in an effort to improve road safety.
The Bill got President's assent on 9 August  and is applicable Pan India from 1 September.
State Government came forward to implement the Act immediately as death toll due to road accidents in Odisha is highest in the country and Supreme Court of India has asked the State to reduce death rate by 10 percent every year.

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