Joint Efforts To Curb Diseases

State Government has stepped up Joint Efforts to Prevent and Control of Vector Borne Diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Diarrhoea and Jaundice in a befitting way in Odisha by involving Five Major Departments to take concerted move in this regard.

Department of Health & Family Welfare has joined hands with Department of Steel & Mines, Department of School & Mass Education, Department of Housing & Urban Development and Department of Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water to scale up Joint Efforts in this regard.

District Collectors are advised to take up measures to prevent and control vector and water borne diseases following a set of activities to ensure adequate prevention and timely control of the killer diseases.

Secretary Health & Family Welfare Pramod Kumar Meherda has jointly signed letters with ACS Steel & Mines, Raj Kumar Sharma, Principal Secretary School & Mass Education, Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra, Principal Secretary Housing & Urban Development, G Mathivathnan, Principal Secretary Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water.

In a letter Dr.Meherda and Mr.Sharma have advised the District Collectors to undertake several activities in mining areas as well as peripheral areas to ensure prevention and control of such diseases.

They have advised to prevent water stagnation in unused tyres of dumpers, trucks and other vehicles-those are to be kept under the shade in rainy season or kept under plastic cover.
Both of them advised District Collectors to take several other steps along with the advice of advising the Mining Companies and Steel Industries functioning in the areas for taking proactive action in this regard.

Dr.Meherda and Mr.Mohapatra  have advised the District Collectors to sensitize school teachers, students and parents on prevention of vector and water borne diseases that cause immense problem in the state during monsoon season and post monsoon period.

Head Masters and selected teachers are to be sensitized on prevention of such diseases and in turn they will sensitize the school children during school assembly and classes.
Use of insecticide impregnated bed nets /LLIN by borders at residential schools and others at home have been advised.

They advised to take up Health Education activities in the school health program and the students and NSS, NCC, Scouts and Guides can be sensitized and they may take mass sensitization drives as and when required in outbreak situation.

Dr.Meherda and Mr.Mathivathnan have signed jointly and sent letters to the District Collectors to involve Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, and NACs for prevention and control of various vector and water borne diseases.

They have said collaborative efforts are needed to be taken by ULBs to address issues like public awareness for source reduction drives at Ward Level, slum Level, and Construction Sites.

Sensitization and orientation of frontline functionaries i.e. ASHAs, USHAs, AWWs, ANMs, Community Organizers, CPMU Units, APMs and Sanitary Inspectors are needed.

Periodic cleanliness and clearance of general waste and garbage so also drains and other waste water channels by optimum utilization of ULB’s own resources have been advised.

Dr.Meherda and Mr.Singh have singed the letter jointly addressing the District Collectors to involve PRI Members and they should be sensitized on prevention and control of vector and water borne diseases in the Rural Areas of the State.

Special Gram Sabha and Palli Sabha will be organized on 3 July and where it will not be possible, the same may be organized within the following week.

They have advised to coordinate functionalisation of mobile health units at village level, night surveillance, sharing of information during outbreak situation due to Malaria, Dengue and Diarrohea.

All the District Collectors have been advised for joint efforts in this regard, which will help out the people at large, feel senior officials.  

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