Need Based Sanction Urged

State Government has made it abundantly clear that while recommending for sanction of assistance against house damage, it has to be in the mind that if the recommended amount of assistance will be sufficient for repair and restoration of the damaged house.

Bishnupada Sethi, Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) has written to the District Collectors in this regard as doubts are being raised among the officers of different level as to what should be the extent of damage to a house to be taken.

Mr.Sethi has said the officers will have to keep in mind that if you are recommending X amount of money for the damaged house, will it be sufficient for the hapless person, whose house has been damaged due to Super Storm FANI.

State Government as per norms of State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) and National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) for the period 2015-2020, assistance of houses due to any disaster has announced amounts.

For Fully Damaged and Destroyed House in Plain Area it is Rs.95,100 Per House and Rs.1,01,900 Per House in Hilly Areas.

For Severely Damaged Houses similar amount has been announced, both for Pucca and Kutcha Houses.

For Partially Damaged Pucca House it is Rs.5,200 Per House and for Kutcha House Rs.3,200 Per House.

In these cases if damage is at least 15 Percent, then the person will be entitled for the assistance.

Now question arise that although it is specified under the said norms that a dmaged house would be considered partially if damage is atleast 15 Percent, no definition has been provided under the said norms about fully damaged and severely damaged houses.

Therefore, doubts are being raised at different levels as to what should be the extent of damage to a house to be taken at severely damaged or fully damaged.

Under this backdrop, SRC has clarified that first it should be in the mind that if recommended amount will be sufficient for repair and restoration of the damaged house, keeping in view the need of space and safety of the Household.

Accordingly, the house damage may be categories as Partially Damaged, or Severely Damaged or Fully Damaged, said SRC.

The above broad understanding should help the Village level officers to assess and report on correct house damages, said Mr.Sethi in his direction issued to the District Collectors.

Over five lakh houses have been damaged fully, severely and partially due to Sper Storm FANI in 14 affected districts of the State.

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