Cable Thieves Active

At a time when residents of Cuttack, Bhubaneswar and other cyclone-hit urban areas are struggling for electric connection, water and telecom connectivity along with restoration of Internet, their problems have been multiplied by thieves.
On the wake of the cyclone, thieves have stolen away LED bulbs from collapsed electric poles and Internet equipment and fibre cables of the Telecom Department.
On about 10,000 electric poles which collapsed during the cyclone, the BMC had fitted LED bulbs and tube lights which were stolen by thieves and unsocial elements within hours of recession of the cyclone.
In some areas such people also stole away costly electric cables and even personal service wires giving power link to individual houses. It all came to fore during restoration work.
Nobody knows when LED bulbs will be fitted again on reinstalled roles. It may take long time, apprehand citizens.
Similar is the situation in the case of telecommunication.
Thieves have not only stolen telephone wire and other equipment from the damaged poles, they have also taken away optical fibre cables and the boxes connecting these items.
It has posed as a problem for the Telecom authorities in restoring Internet connection as they are interested to do it as fast as they can.
Even at some places where new fibre cable and boxes are being reinstalled, the thieves are not also leaving these new sets safe.
The problem continues as the new installations are left unguarded and lack of police patrolling in the cyclone hit areas.

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