OFDC Clears Damaged Trees

Expertise of the Personnel of the Odisha Forest Development Corporation (OFDC) came to rescue hundreds of people in several slums of the Capital City, where damaged tree posing danger and risk of life the residents.

OFDC, State Owned PSU, which has the expertise in cutting trees has already cut off over 25,000 trees damaged by Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm -FANI that hit the Coastal Zones on 3 May.

From 3 May afternoon, when FANI subsided APC and Chairman OFDC Gagan Kumar Dhal held a meeting in the Head Office, where he urged to send teams to the affected areas for cutting and clearing the roads inside and approach roads of Capital City with immediate effect.

Managing Director OFDC Rajiv Kumar organized several teams of OFDC and they were rushed roads for clearance and operation was taken up in Janpath, MG Road and other major roads.

As on 12 May, 210 Teams are engaged in tree cutting and clearance of roads, tree clearing for power supply, institutional campuses and public offices, like OUAT, Vani Vihar, Raj Bhawan, State Secretariat, public utility places like parks, house premises where danger of life was there etc.

OFDC deployed 210 Cutter Teams, 620 Labourers 55 vehicles and as on date has been able to cut 25,500 trees. Experts helped out several citizens, whose life and property was in danger.

Take for example, a huge ficus tree damaged by Cyclone was in a very dangerous condition, near Satya Nagar Over Bridge, which posed risk of life and property of adjoining houses in the slum for which about 200 people were resisting cutting the huge tree.

This huge tree was blocking the Bhubaneswar Railway Coach Maintenance Depot, which was the main life line of Railway Supplying relief materials to Puri through Rail Line.

However, taking risk of life, expert tree cutters of OFDC reached the spot and after due analysis of the risk factor they cleared the tree within four hours with the help of the tree cutters, for which several houses and a temple was saved in the slum. 
Slum dwellers were very happy and thanked the OFDC Staff for their yeomen’s service.

OFDC tree cutters worked with CESU for power restoration in a big way in Bhubaneswar, Puri, Khurda, Jagatisnghpur and Kendrapada.

Similarly, in Jajpur, Bhadrakh and Balasore, OFDC focused on clearing trees, while deploying expert tree cutters roping in from various other districts.

OFDC tree cutters are highly professional and are having scientific knowledge on cutting trees in a professional manner.

In order to assist them OFDC has brought 20 Tree Cutting Teams from Andhra Pradesh, who were earlier associated with the State PSU.

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