Cyclones Hit 15L Houses

Natural Disasters like Cyclone and Floods blowing deadly blows to the Housing Sector in the State and poor people are at the receiving end.

On an average every year at least One Lakh houses are being damaged due to Cyclone and Floods.

Odisha, which is facing Cyclone and Floods at regular interval, is hitting badly to the houses of the people and mostly poor people having thatched houses are facing the wrath.

While the State Government is making tall claims over providing pucca houses to the people under various Housing Schemes, the claim falls flat with recent Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm FANI hitting the Coastal Districts and houses in these areas faced the burnt.

Latest statistics reveal that 5,08,467 houses have been damaged due to FANI and worst affected District is Puri, where 1,89,095 kutcha houses have been damaged.

FANI has outsmarted all the earlier Cyclones that hit the State during last 12 years in damaging the houses.

While in 2013 Very Severe Cyclone- Phailin could damage, 4,07,306 houses, FANI has damaged over One Lakh more houses in few hours of destruction.

Official sources admit that during last 12 years over 15, 26,877 houses have been damaged.

However FANI has damaged largest number houses over these years and poor people are at the receiving end.

Official stats reveal that in 2007, at least 1,04,712 houses were damaged and in 2008 house damage stats rose to 2,40,741.

Similarly in 2009, 13,547 houses were damaged and in 2010, houses numbering 5402 were damaged due to Floods.

In 2011 at least 1,76,980 houses were damaged due to Floods and in 2013 when Very Severe Cyclone Phailin hit the State it hit the houses badly and it was multiplied with Floods that deluged the State aftermath Cyclone.

Now question arises as the State Government time and again claiming that more and more number of pucca houses are built in the State under Biju Pucca Ghar and Indira Awas Yojana, how come every year on an average over One Lakh houses are being damaged due to natural calamities.

FANI has presented a lesson for the State as it damaged highest number of kutchha houses in Puri, Khorda, Bhubaneswar, Jagatisnghpur, Cuttack, Kendrapada and other Districts.

State Government has made a presentation before Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide at least Rs.7,000 Crore to rebuild the damaged houses.

While Prime Minister treating this calamity as Rare Severity has sanctioned Rs.1000 Crore for Interim Assistance to take up relief and restoration works, the Central Team, which is visiting the State on 12-13 May will make assessment and is likely to sanction more funds for taking up Disaster Resilient Houses in Coastal Zones, feel officials.

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